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[Delivery date: May 2, 2022]

How are you doing this year's GW?

During the fresh green season, the greenery of the mountains has become even more beautiful. In fact, this season is that there are many seaweeds that reach the harvest time.

This time, we will inform you of the latest information from Siebigitable!

・ The sale of the Siebeji Petit Gift Set has begun!

・ Notice of event opening at Tokyo @ Sangenjaya

・ Introduced in the media

Sea Veges The sale of the petit gift set has begun!

"For a little gift, a casual souvenir"

We have assorted two recommended types so that those who do not know seaweed can be interested.

Not only gifts, but also affordable price including shipping, it is also recommended for those who want to try a seaweed seaweed a little ◎.

The classic "Suji Ao Nori" is synonymous with Sea Vegetable. A set of 2 bags to enjoy plenty. I would like many people to try the new face "Habanori" with an addictive staff! I added it to the set with the thought.

It is easy to carry at room temperature, so you can use it regardless of the scene because it is lightweight.

¥ 1,850 yen (including shipping)

・ 2 bags dried as it is

・ 1 bag that has been dried as it is

Purchase from here


Notice of event opening at Tokyo @ Sangenjaya

It is one of the few opportunities to get a seaweed product, so please come by all means!

5/22 held |SANCHA HAVE A Goood Market!!

Setagaya and good local things
Gathering and intersecting market
The more you squeeze, the better you meet

Farmers, food processed goods, sundries, food and drinks, and various things from various lands in Sangenjaya! Please enjoy the shopping experience that makes your usual life a little exciting!

■ Date: 5/22 (Sun) 11: 00-17: 00
■ Place:Sangenjaya Fureai Square
■ Admission: Free

Introduced in the media 

An article that introduced the trajectory and thoughts of Sea Begitability was published. The method of cutting is different depending on each media, so you can know about seaweed from various angles. Please take this opportunity to take a look.

[Nikkei Cross Trend]

"Seaweed" is the "three reasons" that attracts attention in the unexplored Frontier world

Unknown advanced advanced company "Sea Begitable" Reach a cultivation of rare seaweed

[Cooking communication]

"New food culture of seaweed" from the test kitchen to protect the sea forest

[Japan Foundation Sea and Food Project]

Pay attention to seaweed! Let's create the rich life of the future and the food culture