Interview Article Published on "A-PLAT," Operated by the National Institute for Environmental Studies

Introducing the "A-PLAT", a climate change adaptation information platform operated by the National Institute for Environmental Studies.

From fundamental information on climate change and adaptation strategies to various observation and prediction data, as well as local and corporate case studies on initiatives, A-PLAT succinctly compiles information in an easily understandable format.


And now, an interview article has been published, featuring a visit to Kumamoto Prefecture's Amakusa City, one of the bases where Seaweed Cultivation takes place, and a test kitchen for seaweed culinary development.

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The article covers interviews with Co-founder Mr. Hachitani and our initiatives, as well as an interview with Executive Chef Mr. Shinjiro Sato of the French restaurant "L'Effervescence," which is graciously serving dishes using our seaweed. Mr. Sato himself has delved deeply into the relationship between climate change, ecosystem changes, and agricultural products through his studies at the University of Tokyo Graduate School. He continues to express and lead in the field of food, making the interview rich and insightful.

The interview content has also been compiled into a video for your convenience, so be sure to check it out.