Sea Vegetable Wins Grand Prize at ICC FUKUOKA 2024 Food & Drink Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Sea Vegetable Company has been awarded the prestigious Grand Prize at the ICC Fukuoka 2024 Food & Drink Awards! 

At the heart of industry innovation and collaboration lies the Industry Co-Creation (ICC) Summit, embodying the concept of "learning together, creating industry together." 

The ICC Summit FUKUOKA 2024 recently convened, boasting over 400 top leaders and executives, with more than 1,200 participants. Over four days, attendees engaged in high-quality discussions on industry trends and management practices, fostering mutual learning and networking.

Wins the Grand Prize for "Food & Drink Award"!

ICC FUKUOKA 2024「フード&ドリンクアワード」GOLD

ICC FUKUOKA2024「フード&ドリンクアワード」_シーベジタブル

Amongst 14 companies nationwide, we stood out, securing the top spot with our innovative product, "Dried Suji-Aonori," in a competition judged by over 70 experts and audience votes.

The judging criteria encompassed five key categories:

  1. Taste
  2. Social Responsibility (Sustainability)
  3. Craftsmanship (Artisanal and Technical Skill)
  4. Uniqueness (Originality)

We are proud to share that Sea Vegetable Company clinched the first position in an unprecedented four out of five categories, a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation.

Our winning product, "Dried Suji-Aonori," is renowned for its exquisite aroma, often likened to the "truffle of the sea." Beyond its culinary appeal, this dried seaweed offers versatility akin to spices and herbs, transcending traditional seaweed consumption. During the ICC Fukuoka 2024 event, attendees had the opportunity to experience its unique flavor profile firsthand, particularly as a generous topping on freshly fried potatoes, creating an unforgettable gastronomic delight.

ICC FUKUOKA 2024_シーベジタブル_すじ青のりポテト


Recieved accolades in separate programs as well

ICC FUKUOKA2024_シーベジタブル

ICC FUKUOKA2024_クラフテッドカタパルト_シーベジタブル

2nd Place

Under the theme "Crafted Catapult: Towards Enriching Lifestyles," our initiative was applauded for fostering a thriving marine ecosystem while promoting sustainable food practices. Our presentation highlighted our efforts, from seaweed cultivation to culinary recommendations, resonating with the audience and securing a well-deserved second place.

*Presentation by Sea Vegetable starts from 1:12:46〜


ICC FUKUOKA2024_ソーシャルグッドカタパルト_シーベジタブル

「Social Good Catapult」3rd Place

Participating in the "Social Good Catapult: Challenging Social Issues," Sea Vegetable Company showcased its commitment to addressing societal challenges. Our endeavor to establish production bases in depopulated regions across Japan, thereby preserving seaweed culinary traditions and marine ecosystems, earned us recognition and a commendable third place.

*Presentation by Sea Vegetable starts from1:04:08〜


ICC FUKUOKA2024_シーベジタブル

ICC FUKUOKA2024_シーベジタブル

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the ICC Fukuoka 2024 organizers, judges, participants, and supporters for recognizing and celebrating our commitment to excellence.

As we continue on our journey, we remain steadfast in our mission to promote the richness of marine resources, foster sustainable practices, and contribute to a more vibrant and resilient future for all. Thank you for joining us in this exciting endeavor!

The Detailed Results for "Food & Drink Award" are posted here