A special winter gift from Sea Vegetable

Year-end Gifts are available!

With the gratitude of the year
We are accepting "year -end gifts" to enjoy seaweed.

While imagining the faces of the people who took care of me this year
Take the time and slowly
Why don't you start thinking about winter gifts?

You can choose according to your application and budget,
We have prepared four kinds of winter gifts.


This 2023 limited "year -end gift" is
The reservation acceptance has been completed on November 17 (Fri).

Assorted the recommended seaweed at that time
Sea Veges Original gift box"teeth
We accept orders all year round.

"Ultimate rice cake" by specialty (Kasahara mochi store x SEA VEGETABLE]


In the modern age when gas has become mainstream, "Cook with Kamado and firewood"
Mochi made by traditional Japanese traditional methods.
With the Kasahara mochi mochi mochi, which we have been particular about without changing,
Sea Begitable's "Dried stirring streaks"
I finally met.

I miss the one and only thickness, and the throat passing through
It is a delicious taste that reminds me of the original taste of mochi.

You may not have to wind the seaweed.
The luxurious blue glue is so luxuriously kneaded.
The moment you put it in your mouth, the happy scent swells.

Original flavored oil from [SAKE RESTAURANT & SHOP


Proposed by sake pairing restaurants in Ikejiri Bridge, Tokyo,
A flavorful "streak blue chicken" and "fermented yuzu pepper" containing rice koji
Original flavored oil tied with domestic oil.

Refreshing and gorgeous scent of squirrels and yuzu
The pepper pungent with thickness by the power of fermentation aging by rice koji,
It is a well -balanced oil with lightly connected oil.

It is an excellent one that makes use of the personality of simple ingredients but will be finished in a gorgeous dish, and will play a role in winter dishes.

This is included only in the "year -end gift B set" where you can enjoy plenty of seaweed.

Viscance Part (3) Design that is perfect for gifts for loved ones

A special gift box

A discerning design with a seaweed illustration drawn by a former designer mother, who raises seaweed babies with a seaweed lab (research, seeding production, etc.) while raising children every day.

Seaveges Original Gift Box (Medium)

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Both products will be reserved and sold, so
Shipment after December 6thWill be.

In addition, we would like to receive the bundled Kasahara mochi shop "The Omochi" until December 17th.

If you would like the delivery date and time,
Please specify within the period of December 7 to 17.