Seaveges Original Gift Box (Domestic Shipping Only)

Our new Seaveges Original Gift Box will offer you a moment of joy with different types of unique seaweed.
From our classic flavours to our distinctive limited editions, Sea Vegetable seaweed are all about discovering excitement. Share that excitement to your loved ones with our original seaweed gift.

<Set Contents>

◉ Seaweed Illustration: We've packed a gift box with illustrations drawn by a former designer who is a mom of our seaweed laboratory.

◉Seaweed cards: These cards were made by Dr. Arai, a seaweed doctor who has been diving in the sea for over 40 years in Japan. The first card is Tosakanori: a seaweed collected in 1981. Since seaweed can change its form drastically depending on the environment in which it grows, the shape of the salted tosakanori (currently on sale) differs from those in the ocean.

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<Set Contents>
Dried Suji-Aonori : 1 bag
Dried Haba-nori: 1 bag
Aonori Furikake : 1 bag
Salted Tosakanori: 1 bag
Mozuku Seaweed: 1 bag
※ The contents of the set will change depending on the season.

<そのまま干した すじあおのり> ・稀に白色の粉末が混在することがありますが、自然由来の成分によるもので品質には問題ありません。 ・本製品の青のりは、えび・かにの生息域の海水を用いて養殖しています。 <そのまま干した はばのり> ・稀に白色の粉末が混在することがありますが、自然由来の成分によるもので品質には問題ありません。 ・本製品のハバノリは、えび・かにの生息域の海水を用いて養殖しています。 <青のり屋が本気でつくった 青のりふりかけ> ・製品に含まれるアレルギー物質(27品目中):ごま ・本製品に使用しているアオノリは、えび・かにの生息域の海水を用いて養殖しています。 <乾燥 とさかのり> ・本製品で使用しているトサカノリは、えび・かにの生息域で養殖しています。 ・自然由来の付着物がある可能性がありますが、洗ってお召し上がりいただけます。 <乾燥 若ひじき> ・本製品で使用しているひじきは、えび・かにの生息域で採取しています。 ・稀に自然由来の付着物がある可能性がありますが、洗ってお召し上がりください。 ・本商品に含まれるヒ素は基準値以下であり、食品安全委員会も「ヒ素について食品からの摂取の現状に問題があるとは考えていない」と明言しています。

配送料金:900円(税込)*北海道、沖縄への配送は各配送料金より+200円頂戴いたします。 *詳しい配送方法についてはこちら


Based on 2 reviews レビューを書く

Seaweed is delicious and fascinating. That's what we feel every day as we engage with seaweed.

Until now, most of the seaweed we cultivated was sold as raw material. However, since we started developing our own products and having more people taste them directly, we've received many responses like "It's delicious!" The potential of seaweed as a food ingredient is amazing, and we've also heard voices saying they want to know more varieties. It's incredibly rewarding to share the excitement of seaweed with everyone.

With the desire for more people to enjoy seaweed, we've created sets of products packed with our dedication.

Perfect as a gift for friends who love delicious things or for that person you haven't been able to see lately.

We hope the excitement for seaweed spreads even further.

◉ Seaweed Illustration: Drawn by a former designer mom who raises seaweed babies in the lab while raising children. Five types of seaweed (Sujiaonori, Habanori, Tosakanori, Aosa, Hijiki) are swimming cutely.

◉ Seaweed Card: A card of "seaweed pressed leaves" made by Dr. Arai, who has been diving into the sea for over 40 years and knows seaweed all over Japan. The first edition features Tosakanori collected in 1981. Depending on the environment in which seaweed grows, its shape can vary significantly, which differs from the shape of the salted Tosakanori currently sold.