Aonori Shoyu



Aonori Shoyu is our own original liquid seasoning made from seaweed. It is sure to creatively inspire your food experience.

The product’s main ingredient is suji-aonori, recognized as the finest variety of green laver (aonori), possessing a unique piquancy and lingering, delicate aroma. This is a species of seaweed that has declined to the point of rarity in the wild, due to rising sea-water temperatures and other factors. Tapping our exclusive source of raw suji-aonori, we have fermented it with malted rice, koji,—made from 100% pesticide-free rice, salt, and natural groundwater—to fashion a completely original liquid seasoning.

Aonori Shoyu’s flavor is the result of a painstaking, trial-and-error process of adjusting the raw materials in the fermentation. Bearing the light yet subtle aroma of suji-aonori and the sweetness of malted rice, it offers to be a ready substitute for shoyu (Japanese-style soy sauce)—hence its name. The addition of Aonori Shoyu will show off the taste of various foods to best advantage, especially those with an inherent sweetness. It marries perfectly, for example, with raw amaebi (sweet shrimp) or aoriika (bigfin reef squid).

To obtain the full benefit of its delicate flavor, the seasoning is best used as a finishing touch to a dish, as heating dulls the aroma of suji-aonori. In this respect, it may be compared to fine olive oil. We recommend using Aonori Shoyu in place of your standard soy sauce for the pleasure of imparting new vigor and appeal to familiar foodstuffs and dishes.

Volume : 200 ml
Storage : Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and humidity, and refrigerate after opening.
Consume : January 31st, 2024
*Store in the refrigerator once you opened the proudct
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This product is produced in the habitat of shrimps and crabs.

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