For the middle gifts! Would you like to give seaweed this summer? ~ Siebigi letter Vol.5 ~

[Delivery date: July 2, 2022]

The rainy season has begun in no time, and there are many areas of heat like midsummer every day. You just want to eat something cool.

In such a hot summer, why not choose a refreshing middle gift that is a bit different from the usual year?

・ For the middle gifts! "Siebeji Original Gift Box"

・ Introduced in the media

・ Notice of event opening in Tokyo @ Shinagawa

For the middle gifts! ""Sea Veges Original gift box

A gift box made by sticking to the seaweed. It can also be used as a gift for the middle of the present, given to that person who was taken care of.

The excitement when you open the box will make you forget the heat of this summer.

If you want to give a different gift than usual, or want the other person to feel a little cool, why not give a "Seaves Original Gift Box" this year?

3,400 yen (tax included)
・ 2 bags dried as it is
・ 2 bags dried as it is
* Shiozura Yuzu Hijiki has been sold out due to its popularity, and the set contents are changed.

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I was introduced to the media

[TV] TV TOKYO "Erpis's sparkle"
We had our co -representative Hachiya picked up. Beginning with the video of the production site, beautiful seaweed will also appear. If you missed it, you can see it from the official YouTube!

[Magazine] "Monthly Specialized Cuisine" July issue series "Yamaken listens !!"
Interviews on siebegitable initiatives and the potential of seaweed were posted. The special feature of this issue is "Variety of meat dishes". Seaweed and meat dishes, surprising combinations. If you are interested, please take a look at the store!


Notice of event opening in Tokyo @ Shinagawa

7/16-17 Held | Pass The Baton Market Vol.8

With "Let's empty Japanese warehouses", there are many non -standard items and dead stock items of many companies and brands.

Sievezable will also sympathize with this concept.

We look forward to this opportunity to hand over the products directly while talking to our customers. We are waiting for you at the venue!


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