New release "Siebeji Original Gift Box" On Father's Day, for that person who likes seaweed ~ Seabezu letter Vol.4 ~

[Delivery date: June 10, 2022]

In June, the rainy season has been reached in the Kanto region. What will you give this year on Father's Day this month?

This time, I will introduce a gift box that is perfect for Father's Day gifts. Those who have not decided what to give will still be in time!

・ Full of commitment! ""Sea Veges Original gift boxSales began

・ Red savior "Shiozura and Sakanori"Now On Sale!

・ The second journal "Baby Hijiki in Seabeji, which is neither Bud Hijiki nor a long HijikiWas uploaded

Full of commitment! Sales of "Sea Begg Original Gift Box" have begun

"Seaweed is delicious!"

Seaweed is delicious and interesting. That's what we feel while facing seaweed every day.

I wanted to deliver the excitement of the seaweed to everyone, so this set was packed with a lot of commitments not only in the product but also in the outer boxes and inside the wrapping paper and cards.

The outer box, which features three kinds of seaweed, was discussed many times and repeatedly prototyped so that it could be used in a daily frame after giving it.

The wrapping paper, which is scattered with seaweed illustrations, is an important role that enhances the excitement of the moment when the box is opened.

The card of the "seaweed leaf", where Dr. Seaweed's story dwells, is assumed to be used by each person. You can write a message or decorate it as it is.

To a friend who likes delicious things, to that person who can't easily meet these days, a little gift.

I hope that the excitement of seaweed will spread.

3,400 yen (tax included)
・ 1 bag of dried streaked as it is
・ 1 bag that has been dried as it is
・ Shiozura Yuzu Hijiki 2 bags
・ Shiozura and 2 bags

* The contents of the set vary depending on the season.
* Limited to those who ordered by June 5 (Wed), it can be delivered by Father's Day.

Red Savior "Shiozura and Sakanori"Now On Sale!

"Shiozo and Sakaori", which began to be released this month. I think some people thought it would be difficult to use.

If you use it, you may notice, "Oh, it's surprisingly versatile."

In fact, he is a savior when he thought while cooking, saying, "I don't have enough red."

Add it to your usual salad or Namul, or add it to the usual side dish. Please try everything in various ways.

The table will be gorgeous just because there is a red tosakanori.

Good news for those who are considering purchasing! We are still doing a campaign to get unreleased Mozuku, so please purchase it at this opportunity.


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The second journal "Baby Hijiki in Seabeji, which is neither Bud Hijiki nor a long HijikiWas uploaded

The 2nd Siebeji Journal is the popular product "Yuzu Hijiki"or"Cherry blossom hijikiIs a story about "".

From the person who picked up the seaweed hijiki series
"This is" Bud Hijiki ", right?"
I often ask, but in fact, I use a slightly different hijiki.

I wrote such "slightly different hijiki" with illustrations compared to general hijiki, touching on nutrition.

Whether you are already a Hijiki series fans and those who haven't yet, if you read this, you may be more and more drawn to the charm of Seabeji Hijiki!


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