Resale from today! The seaweed hijiki series is back! ~ Siebige letter Vol.11 ~

[Delivery date: December 16, 2022]

Six months left this year. I guess many people are busy and spend their days.

The seaweed hijiki series can be used for a busy daily home rice, a special day hospitality, and a lot of nutrition!

If you keep it in the refrigerator for the year -end and New Year holidays, it will play a role in an emergency.

● Finally "Wakabijiki YuzuSale has begun

● I want to eat on a cold day! Seasonal recommended seaweed recipes 3 -Winter ~

● About business during the year -end and New Year holidays

▼ Sales of "Wakabijiki Yuzu" have finally begun.

The Siebigi Hijiki series, which had been sold limited since winter last year.

On this occasion,"Wakabijiki YuzuI was reborn as the name, and the package was renewed and came back!

Domestic hijiki is about 10 % of the hijiki, which is generally available on the market. Among them, young hijiki uses only rare young shoots. The scent was scented in conjunction with yuzu from Kochi Prefecture.

The crisp texture may be covered by the concept of seaweed "Hijiki". You can enjoy it, even if you eat it as it is, or add it to your usual salad.

The boiling time is shorter than the general hijiki, so it has a lot of water -soluble dietary fiber, plenty of vitamins and minerals.

The compatibility with warm noodles, such as New Year's Eve soba and New Year's udon, is perfect.

It is a product that will be discontinued as soon as the stock runs out. Please purchase at this opportunity!

Click here to order Wakojiki Yuzu


▼ I want to eat on a cold day! Seasonal recommended seaweed recipes 3 -Winter ~

Christmas, New Year, and more opportunities to gather with family and friends and surround the dining table.

If everyone surrounds the waters that used seaweed, their mind and body should warm up. Here are the recommended winter recipes using nutritious seaweeds.

-Wakabi Hijiki Chinese cabbage salad

A simple salad where you can enjoy the fragrance of yuzu on the seasonal Chinese cabbage in winter and enjoy the crisp texture of the young hijiki. A dish that expands the range of arrangements.

-Habanori scented chick stew

Havanori for the classic "stew" accent of winter home rice. It is recommended that you take the plunge!

-Somestioned blue cream

In such a case, the stew is halfway out. In such a case, add "Dried streaks as it is" and enjoy it twice.

▼ About the year -end and New Year holidays

Everyone who purchased the product, many other people who were involved in our company, were very helpful this year.

The business days of the year -end and New Year holidays this year are as follows.

・ Wednesday, December 28: Normal business

・ Thursday, December 29th -January 3rd (Tuesday): Closed

・ Wednesday, January 4: Normal business

If you wish to ship within the year, please order by 17:00 on Friday, December 23. For those who have not yet prepared for the homecoming souvenirsSeabecen's original gift boxOrder is accepted until 23rd.

We accept inquiries and orders during the leave period, but we will receive reply from January 4 (Wed) and from Thursday, January 5th. Thank you for your understanding.

We will continue to explore the seaweed world so that we can deliver delicious seaweed to everyone next year! Please have a good year.