New release "Shiozura and Sakanori" Limited quantity Mozuku will be presented! ~ Vol.3 ~

[Delivery date: June 1, 2022]

The temperature during the day has risen on a daily basis, and it has become more summery.

The newly released product is a perfect seaweed for chilled Chinese food that you want to eat in such a hot season.

・ New release "Shiozura and Sakanori" with limited quantity gift

・ New series "Omayu's seaweed rare road inside -The difference between blue and ausa ~Was uploaded


"Shiozura and Saka Nori" are newly released! With a limited quantity gift

"Red complements one dish in both cooking and sweets."

Tosakanori is characterized by its color and texture among seaweed. It has a red and three -dimensional shape that is not so many in other ingredients, and has a unique presence of Tosakanori.
The flavor and texture are maintained by making it raw as Shiozura, and it has become an ingredient that can be used in various dishes.

Especially compatible with sour dressing and ingredients, perfect for salads.
If you heat it a little, the texture is mochi, and if you heat it sufficiently, it has the property of dissolving it in a jelly -shaped, and it is a versatile seaweed that can be added to the end of the stir -fry or even sweets.

Depending on how you cook, the way you enjoy is endless.

Please study your own Tosakanori recipe!

At the store, in charge of product developmentIshizaka talks about the charm of TosakanoriIs being posted. Furthermore, every time"Thorough introduction of vinegared rice shop Okada" seriesThen, we introduce all arrangement dishes about Tosakanori.

And this time, including "Shiozura and Sakaori", we will receive a limited quantity original Mozuku for customers with a checkout of 7,000 yen or more!

This Mozuku is a phantom variety that is generally rarely distributed.
We are preparing for production for next year, and it is a product that has not been released yet, but this time it will be delivered in the form of tasting specially.

Please enjoy the strong stickiness and umami that is a bit different from the usual Mozuku.

This time, it contains plenty of 500g to fully enjoy the deliciousness of this mozuku.
In -house staff who are captivated by "I want to buy a kilo!" "I want to eat every day!"

Please take this opportunity to taste the original Mozuku of Sea Vegetable together with the new product "Shiozura and Sakanori"!

* Since the number of gifts is limited, it will end as soon as it is gone.

The new series "Omayu's Seaweed Heavy Route -The Difference of Aosa and Aosa-" has been uploaded.

We will summarize articles that are easy to understand from the nutrition, ecology of seaweed, and delicious recipes of seaweeds that are transmitted by seaweed.

The first one is about the Sea Begitable synonymous with "Sujia Onori".

Isn't "Aonori" and "Aosa" the same?

In fact, it's a completely different seaweed. The difference and characteristics can be read in about 3 minutes, so if you are interested, please take a look!


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