Sea feast project x SEA VEGETABLE

The more you know, the more delicious the sea.

Sea feast Week

What is a sea feast project?

Many of us living in Japan, an island country,
I've been living with the blessings of the sea for a long time.

NowWhat is happening in the sea?

Tell the "delicious, the sea you want to know more"

I want to increase the number of people who realize that the more you know, the more delicious the sea is.

Then keep moving,The "Sea and Japan Project" of the Japan FoundationSeabejitable is also participating in the project.


■ Sea feast festival (Saturday, October 8th)

At the "Sea Feast Festival" held at Ariake Garden,
"Wakame pasta" proposed by high school students to eat the sea deliciously
Ishizaka, a cuisine development in charge of cuisine, arranged and provided.


In the fabric kneaded with wakame, scallops and seaweed mousse.
Sprinkle the soup with a smoked mecha and kelp.

Wakame's ravioli


■ Sea feast Week (Monday, October 10 (Monday) -6th, Sunday)

Held on this year's sea dayA hot spring dojo travelingYou can enjoy the joint project with "sea oyrei bath" and "seaweed clay (seaweed pack)" for a limited time.

While slowly immersing in the sea oyrei bath
If you talk about seaweed and the sea, and get a deeper idea.

 ▼ "Sea bale bath" using squirrels

Sea oyrei bath

▼ "Seaweed clay (seaweed pack)" using squirrels

Seaweed clay (seaweed pack)

Seaweed nutritional components

This time, in addition to the sea oily bath, at the restaurant and cafe of each store, a new product "A blue glue was seriously made You can enjoy "Blue Nori Sprinkle".

▼ In each store, there are also seaweed products

While taking nutrition through "eating" seaweed
I would be glad if you could feel the seaweed from inside the body.

At the end of work, to go out on the weekend
Please visit the sea and feel the seaweed.


October 10 (Mon) -October 16th (Sun)


Showa Retro hot spring public bath Tamagawa Onsen

Furo Café Shirasu no Yu

Furo Café Utatane

Yokkaichi Onsen Ouro Café Yumoriza

* In "Furo Café Shirasu no Yu", only seaweed clay (seaweed pack), product tasting at a cafe, and product sales are provided.