Seaweed food exchange meeting 20222.06.21

The seaweed food exchange meeting, sponsored by Daisuke Okada, a siebigitable partner chef, with cooks, finds new possibilities of seaweed.

We regularly hold the seaweed seaweed and to interact with cooking through cooking.

This time, Mr. Okada and other participants brought wonderful seaweed dishes.

Tosanori ramen (thick noodle ver)

Takanori Ramen (Taigen Noodle Ver) by Daisuke Okada


Chiba Horizontic Cooking named "seaweed"

Chiba Horage Cuisine named "Seaweed" by Yasuyo KiuchiMr. Miss.


Bonito seaweed homemade mayonnaise

Bonito seaweed homemade mayonnaise by NOVE Ryohei TanakaMr. Miss.


"Dashi" of Suji Ao Nori

"Dashi" by Suji Ao Nori by by Sushi SugaMr. Miss.


Suzia Onori Warabi Mochi

Suzia Onori Warabi Mochi by Shaku and Mariko TobeMr. Miss.


■ Date and time

June 21, 2022 (Tuesday) 13: 00-15: 00


Vinegared rice shop

2-6-8 Water Supply, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0005

■ sponsoring

Vinegared rice shop Daisuke Okada


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