Seaweed x Fermentation. A new seasoning "Aonori Nori Shoyu" is born

The world's first  "Seaweed x Fermentation" product proposed by Re-Seaweed

Even in Japan, where seaweed food culture is said to be the richest in the world, there are more than a dozen types of seaweeds that are eaten in everyday life. It is said that more than 1,400 seaweed has not yet been eaten.

In our food culture, the way to enjoy seaweed as an ingredient is still unknown, and its possibilities are immeasurable. In the test kitchen, which develops cuisine cooking, three chefs continue to face seaweeds with seaweed and fermented specialists in the company, pioneering new charms. "Seaweed" and "fermentation", which have never been encountered in Japan, are a historical food culture that Japan is proud of.
We feel that this combination, which no one has stepped on even if you look around the world, has an infinite possibility. The new brand “Re-SeaWeed” will first deliver a food experience that combines these two.

Limited sales of seaweed fermented seasoning "Aonori Shoyu"

“I want to expand the potential of seaweed as an ingredient.” “Blue Nori Shouyu” was born in the seaweed every day. It is different from soy sauce, which has been engraved in our food culture. It is a soy -free seasoning born by fermentation by taking advantage of the characteristics of blue glue, which contains a lot of protein. It is also gluten -free because it is finished with rice koji.

The feature is the fragrance of the faint sea due to blue glue and the gentle taste. Rice koji -derived flavors and slightly sweet sweetness, for example, combined with ingredients that have the same natural sweetness, make it easier to feel each other's sweetness'.
The recommended use is to turn the "blue glue soy sauce" for the finishing of the dish. But this is a new seasoning. I have the margins to encounter new discoveries as much as you have tried. From the cooking involved who tasted, "unlike a normal soy sauce, it does not dye the taste of soy sauce and makes use of the taste of the ingredients." Your voice. The first "seaweed fermented seasoning" we meet for the first time causes unprecedented changes in one dish. We will deliver such a food experience that tickles the sensitivity of cooks and cooking lovers.

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