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*** This campaign has ended ***
This campaign has ended with many people purchasing.
Thank you to everyone who purchased!
We are also considering the next project.Please look forward to it.


\ New product release commemorative campaign /

To commemorate the releaseWakabijiki Aomo1 or more*IncludingPurchase over ¥ 5,000 or moreTo the customer
Develop seaweed dishes every day and send to the world to nurture new seaweed food cultureSEA VEGETABLE TEST KITCHENFrom the new brand "Re-SeaWeed" born from, you will receive "Aonori Yuzu Pepper" now!

*Or "Wakagi Hijiki Aheon" is included "Sea Veges Original gift boxOrder is also possible.

Pickled with the traditional green pepper "tiger tail" from Owase City, Mie Prefecture, which is also used for "Wakojiki Aokang".Seaweed fermented seasoningis.

Raw material for blue nori yuzu pepper


Blue Nori citron pepper
※The image is an image. 

Deep paste of blue glue and pungent with a refreshing acidity.
The flavor extracted carefully by pickling the whole tiger tail,It is finished in a new experience that is a bit different from ordinary yuzu pepper.

This time this"Unreleased product" ""Aonori Yuzu Pepper"Limited quantity of the first 100 piecesDelivered specially ahead.
In addition, the shipping fee will be free ◎


※ February5 days (Sunday)toThis is a benefit exclusive to those who have ordered.


I would be glad if you could take this opportunity to know the deliciousness of seaweed and the charm of the green pepper "tiger tail".

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