Selected as "Culture Plainer 30" selected by Forbes Japan

Forbes JAPAN_ November 2023

As a global business magazine, "Forbes" continues to grasp the readers' interest.
The special feature of the Japanese version of the "FORBES JAPAN November 2023" released this year is a new business that upgrades tradition.Culture Plainer (Cultural Entrepreneur)"was.

The traditions are reinterpreted in modern context, and new value is discovered to the world while finding independently. While those who have such passion are featured, we also open up the efforts of Sea Begitable.1It is posted on the page.

What is a culture premier? "Cultural entrepreneurs"

People who are trying to realize a rich world by developing new businesses through activities in culture and creative fields.



A coined word and a new concept, "Culture Plainer", defined by Forbes JAPAN, based on English Cultural ENTREPRENEURS.

Now, in various parts of Japan, traditional techniques and crafts that have been inherited by craftsmen are disappearing due to the shortage and changes in the times. However, on the other hand, young entrepreneurs (culturepleners) who are aware of the value of the cultural assets we are losing and stand up to let them breathe with their own hands are appearing one after another.

Their existence may be a major movement in the future due to bonding with different industries and digging needs. It should be a new possibility for the future of the Japanese economy.

Under such feelings, with the cooperation of nine advisory boards, FORBES JAPAN recommends candidates mainly by cultural entrepreneurs under the age of 45, which can be expected to grow in the future, and selected by the editorial department screening. As one of us, siebigitable was selected. Forbes JAPAN_ Culture Plainer 30 Selection_Sirest Ceremony

October 2023for, Forbes JAPANAttended the winner announcement event of the "New CulturePreneur 30" held under the Kyoto City co -sponsored.

Forbes JAPAN_ Culture Plainer 30 Selection_wards
The introduction article of the siebegitable isHereYou can see it from.