Sea Vegetable Selected as Forbes Japan's "Culturepreneur 30"

Forbes JAPAN_ November 2023

Exciting news is on the horizon as Sea Vegetable makes waves in the latest issue of Forbes Japan!

In the November 2023 edition of Forbes Japan, Sea Vegetable was featured with a special spotlight on "Culturepreneurs (Cultural Entrepreneur)" - entrepreneurs who blend tradition with contemporary contexts to create new businesses. Among these passionate individuals, Sea Vegetable's initiatives earned a full-page spread!


What is a "Culturepreneur"?

Culturepreneur refers to an individual who develop new business ventures in cultural or creative fields to create a richer world.



In Japan, traditional crafts and techniques passed down by artisans are at risk of disappearing due to a lack of successors. However, there's a new generation of young entrepreneurs (Culturepreneurs) who recognize the value of our endangered cultural assets and are determined to breathe new life into them.

Their presence might spark a significant movement in the future through collaborations across industries and uncovering hidden needs. 

Sea Vegetable was selected as one of the 30 promising Culturepreneur candidates under 45 years old who are expected to grow in the future. 

Forbes JAPAN_ Culture Plainer 30 Selection_Sirest Ceremony

In October 2023, Sea Vegetable attended the announcement event for the "New Culturepreneur 30," which was jointly hosted by Forbes Japan and the city of Kyoto.

Forbes JAPAN_ Culture Plainer 30 Selection_wards

You can check out Sea Vegetable's feature article and learn more about their journey as Culturepreneurs right here.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey!