MUJI Event Report 2023.Sept 16th - 18th

In the spring of this year, we participated in a pop-up event at MUJI, and thanks to the wonderful feedback we received, we've been given the opportunity to do it again this time around!

For three days, we showcased a "Seaweed Chirashi Sushi" and an array of seaweed delights, both familiar and new.

With live tuna cutting shows and the sizzle of Aosa seaweed tempura filling the air, the atmosphere was buzzing as we shared our seaweed treasures with everyone.

MUJI Aeon Mall Sakai Kita Hanada Store _ Event Sales 2023.09

MUJI _ Seaweed side dish _202309

*Clockwise from the upper left, Atsuba Aosa Tempura / Shrimp Tempura with Suji-Aonori / Mirin and Yumigata Ogonori Chirashi Sushi / Hijiki and Tosakanori Carpacho

At the accompanying Café&Meal MUJI, we introduced a new dish called "Hijiki Shiraae Tofu" featuring two types of seaweed, Hijiki and Tosaka Nori. Mixed with sliced cucumbers and dressed in a refreshing Chinese-style dressing, it's the perfect dish to beat the lingering summer heat.

During the event, we also offered various seaweed samples for everyone to try. Among them, the star of the show was the newcomer "Suna," also known as Yumigata Ogohori.

Suna is a seaweed that has been beloved in the Ishigaki Island and surrounding regions of Okinawa. It's also been referred to as "Coral Nori" due to its coral-like shape. While natural Suna is now scarce due to environmental changes, we're thrilled to announce that Sea Vegetable Company has succeeded in cultivating it and making it accessible to everyone!

We were touched by the warm words and expressions shared by those who discovered us during our previous event and returned for more. Whether it was reminiscing about childhood memories or simply experiencing seaweed for the first time, your presence made our days brighter!

We plan to continue hosting event sales regularly, providing more opportunities for you to enjoy our seaweed offerings. We invite you to join us whenever you can!

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