Isetan Shinjuku store POP-UP 2023.11.01-11.07

Isetan Shinjuku store _ Pop -up store opened

Following the pop -up store in April this year, it has been decided to open a store at Isetan Shinjuku store again this fall.

In the second store opening, we can purchase products made from seaweeds we cultivate and develop as a raw material, and sell collaboration products with famous stores using "Sugi Blue Nori".

In addition, we are waiting for you with a variety of contents, such as the original set specially prepared in line with this store.

 \ Stall Highlights /

  1. Sales of products made in collaboration with a number of famous restaurants that will delight food enthusiasts
  2. Sales of the new "Premium Salad Seaweed Series
  3. Special sales of original sets
  4. Sea Vegetable's seaweed-based rice balls at the eat-in corner


"Isetan Shinjuku store pop -up store"

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 -Tuesday, November 7 (Tuesday) 10: 00 ~ 20: 00

Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 1 basement Food Stage and Food Stage
Fresh market -in -in corner


 -Point 1-
Sales of collaboration products with many famous stores that make foodies growl

“Seaweed is delicious and interesting”
We will send you the charm of such an ingredient called "seaweed" together.A collaboration product that has been created with people.
This time, some of the many collaboration products are sold specially.
Limited products that are usually only available at each store will be sold simultaneously at the Sea Begitable Official online store according to this store. (*Excluding some products)

Isetan Shinjuku Store Pop -up _Siebejitable collaboration product

[Collaboration store / product]

(*Not ordered)

 -Point 2-
Sales of the new product "Premium Salad Seaweed Series"

In order to deliver it in a state close to freshly picked raw, we received the voice of the seaweed that has been developed only by the processing method called "Shiozura", and this time for the first time, the "Premium Salad Seaweed Series Series" was finished with "drying" processing. Sold as.

We were particular about drying time to 1 second, and pursued products that are easier and easier to use.

You can also purchase a new series that is scheduled to be sold at the official online store from Wednesday, November 1 in this pop -up.

In addition, we will sell the "Isetan -only original THE Seaweed Salad", which uses this "Premium Salad Sales Seaweed Series" at the store.

Isetan Limited Original THE 3 types of seaweed salad

  •  Lemon salad of Takanori and broccoli
  • Wakagi and cabbage salad
  • Pakchi Salad of Taka Nori and Wakojiki

* This will be sold only at stores according to this store opening.
Also,It will be offered in the take -out container on the day.

 -Point 3-

[Limited quantity] Special sale of original set

■ Small gift set

[Reserved/50 pieces] Small gifts set

A "small gift set" packed with three kinds of seaweed seaweed and "SAKE RESTAURANT & SHOP", which is packed with the original drawstring in the original drawstring.

・ Siebertable original drawstring
・ The streaked Aonori that is dried as it is
・ Blue Nori sprinkle made by the blue glue
・ Dry hijiki
・ YUZUMO (by. Sake Restaurant & Shop

*Limited sales of 50 pieces
In addition to over -the -counter sales, even online storessale.

> Click here for product details


■ 10 % OFF seaweed complete set from regular price

To commemorate pop -up sales at Isetan Shinjuku store, you can enjoy a 10 % OFF from the regular price, and enjoy eating seaweed.Complete packed with all seven types of seaweedset.

It is perfect for home use, as well as for use, such as "half for yourself, half a little souvenir" ◎.

> Click here for product details

■ Ultimate mochi set

Ultimate rice cake set

The ultimate rice cake "THE OMOCHI Aori", which collaborated with the Kasahara mochi restaurant that produces the only and only rice cake made by traditional Japanese traditional manufacturing methods, cooked with Kamado and firewood fire sale.

The one and only thickness and freshness, and the throat.
A luxuriously kneaded blue chicken scent of blue glue swells the moment you put it in your mouth.


・ THE OMOCHI Aori (by. Kasahara mochi store)
・ The streaked Aonori that is dried as it is
・ Habanori dried as it is

*During the pop -up store opening periodSales only at storesschedule.

In addition, we also accept year -end gifts at the store toward the end of the year.


 -Point 4-
A special menu using seaweed seaweed is also provided by eat -in

Including catering and workshops, "laughing spinning" continues to work on "laughing and laughter with people with rice balls."

You can enjoy the special menu with "laughing tin", which was well received at the time of the store last time, both eat -in and take -out.

On the day of the day, we will prepare SEA VEGE HAPPY Musubi, a healthy rice ball that is made of seaweed seaweed, which is made of seaweed, which is a colorful and body that uses seaweed seaweed, which is finished on the spot.

Laughing snacks ∞_sea Vege Happy Musubi

[Provided menu]

■ Eat -in menu
(A) "Sea Vege Happy Musubi" Omusubi 4 A set: 1,500 yen (tax included)
(B) "SEA VEGE HAPPY Musubi" Omusubi B set: 1,500 yen (tax included)
(C) All types (7 pieces in total): 2,200 yen (tax included)
(D) Refill rice ball alone: ​​250 yen (tax included)

*We will also provide set garnish (358 pickles) and "Nebari Mizuku and Ginger Miso soup" according to the above menu.

■ Take -out menu
(A) "Sea Vege Happy Musubi" Omusubi 4 A set: 1,100 yen (tax included)
(B) "Sea Vege Happy Musubi" Omusubi 4 pieces B set: 1,100 yen (tax included)

* Details provided may be changed depending on the situation on the day.

[Scheduled date of store]

November 3rd (Fri) -Sto Tuesday, 7th (Tue) 12: 00-19: 30 (Ended as soon as sold out)

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