For gifts for loved ones

~ Sea Begitable Gift Set-

"Seaweed is delicious. Seaweed is fascinating."

These are the sentiments we feel every day as we engage with seaweed.

For your friends who love delicious things,
For that person you haven't seen in a while,
Send a special gift with gratitude.

May the excitement of seaweed spread to many people.
We will deliver original gifts packed with our dedication.

I want to give it to loved ones

Designed design

We will deliver recommended products to the original box where the illustrations of the seaweed we are producing are foiled.

You can enjoy it from the time it arrives to the moment you open the box.

A wrapping paper featuring a seaweed illustration drawn by a former designer mother who raises seaweed babies with a seaweed lab (research, seeding production, etc.) while raising children every day.

Five types of seaweeds (Sujia Onori, Habanori, Tosakanori, Aosa, Hijiki) are swimming cute.

There is also a bonito that matches the purpose

You can select the bonito / text according to your application from the following.

[Table] None / German / Motomoto / Otomoto / Thank you

With the gift

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