Gifts for loved ones ~ Sea Vegetable Original Gift Box-

"Seaweed is delicious. Seaweed is interesting."

That's how we feel while facing seaweed every day.

To friends who like delicious things,
To that person who has not been able to meet easily these days,
A special gift with gratitude.

I hope the excitement of seaweed will spread to many people.
We will deliver an original box packed with our commitment.

◯ About the Noshi

In Japan, there are many elaborate ways to wrap and decorate gifts. The most common decoration is noshi, which are used in different ways depending on the occasion. Noshi is an abbreviation of "noshi abalone," and is considered valuable as a symbol of longevity.

You can select the Noshi text according to your application from the following.

Sea Begitability Original NobukitoSea Begitability Original Nobukito

[Text List] 

  • None 

  • 御祝 Oiwai: Celebration

  • 御中元 Ochugen: Summer Gift

  • 御歳暮 Oseibo: End of year Gift

  • 御礼 Orei : Gratitude / Thank you

※The description cannot be printed in English

◯ About the handbag 

・ If you want a handbag, we have a fee. (50 yen including tax)
・ Please note that the specifications of handbags are subject to change.


* Original seaweed card

Seaweed leaf card

This is a "seaweed leaf" card made by Dr. Arai, a seaweed who knew the seaweeds throughout Japan for over 40 years after diving through the sea.
The first one is Tosakanori collected in 1981.
Please use the message to the loved one on the seaweed.

* Illustration of seaweed

Sea Begitable Seaweed Original Illustration

A gentle touch seaweed illustration drawn by a former designer mom who raises seaweed babies even in the lab of seaweed (laboratory) while raising children every day.
We deliver a wrapping paper designed to swim with five kinds of seaweeds (squirrels, blue paste, habanori, tusakanori, azusa, hijiki).

◎ The "Original Gift Box" of the seaweed isFrom here









【表書き】なし / 御祝 / 御中元 / 御歳暮 / 御礼