Seaweed food exchange meeting 20222.10.04

Invite Mr. Daisuke Okada, a vinegared partner chef, a sesive partner chef.We held a "seaweed food exchange meeting" for cooks and cooking researchers.

Mr. Okada, who has the title of "Sushi craftsman, Sushi writer", continues to explore the way of making the seaweed we are producing as a "seaweed food researcher".

At the event, how to incorporate seaweeds and dishes that make use of the characteristics of seaweed.
While having Mr. Okada a lecture on seaweed dishes in a demonstration formatIt was a place where participants could interact with seaweed.

[Event content]
・ Explanation on the current situation of seaweed/seaweed and seaweed

・ Explanation of the characteristics and usage of seaweed ・ Cooking
・ Tasting of dishes using seaweed
(From the participants to bring seaweed dishes)
・ Tasting of unreleased product "Fermented seasoning using seaweed"

On the day, we offer a total of nine seaweed dishes, including the dishes brought by the participants.

Seaweed food exchange meeting menu 
[Menu contents of the day]
No.1 Seaweed salad/Tosakanori and squid koji pacchi somen
Tosakanori seaweed salad
Pakchi somen of Tosakanori and squid koji
No.2 Sesame -tailored in blue glueSesame -tailored in blue glue
No.3 Atsuba Aosa TempuraAtsuba Aosa's tempura
No.4 Sushi Blue SatsumaeSushi Blue Satsumae
No.5 Hondawara's Keema Curry to Hanori as a KasurimettoAs a Kasurimetti in Hondawara's Keema Curry
No.6 Mozuku chicken ramenMozuku chicken ramen
No.7 Milin's pickles, black honey powdered mirinMilin pickles
\ Special /
No.8 Seaweed fermented seasoning"Blue Nori soy sauce / blue nori miso"

[Introducing cooking by chef, Chiho Asahina]
*Tosakanori and green lemon dreshing salad

*3 kinds of seaweed zepolini

Including dishes using the classic seaweed tabletop“Phantom seaweed” “mirin” (Sales scheduled to be sold in limited quantities soon)A total of six kinds of seaweeds currently produced are provided using their characteristics.


And on this day, the first seaweed fermented fermented seasoning is unveiled!

Seaweed fermented seasoning

Seaweed fermented seasoning "blue nori soy sauce / blue glue miso"

In Japan, the food culture of "seaweed" and the technology of "fermentation" have been spinning a long history, but these two food cultures have rarely been involved ...

After these, a new seaweed fermented seasoning was born.
We will release it soon, so look forward to it!

In the siebajitable,While respecting the food culture unique to Japan, we are making efforts to expand the new possibilities of seaweed.

Explain the current status of seaweed / sea and seaweed

While receiving a lecture on how to incorporate seaweed and the characteristics of the seaweed,You will actually eat seaweed dishes.
And a question from everyone who does not stop.

Every day, everyone who faces “food” is directly transmitted to the desire to “know more about seaweed!”
It was such a wonderful meeting.

 “Seaweed is delicious. Seaweed is interesting.”

We will continue to hold regularly so that as many people as possible can make such discoveries.

We will notify you of future schedules and details in the e -mail magazine.I want to participate! If you are, please register from the TOP page of the Sea Vegetable online store.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Seaweed food exchange meeting photo photo

A total of 26 people, including those who participated online, participated!
(The photo is a group photo with some people.)


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