The first store will be opened at the Isetan Shinjuku store "Salon du Chocolat 2023"

Pursuing the possibility of "cacao" this winterTo the chocolate festival "Salon du Chocolat"Siebigitable will open for the first time.

Chocolate, as well as many countries in the world, have been familiar in Japan since childhood.

In the first place, the fact that "chocolate is made of cacao" may have been commonly known compared to the past.

What is cacao?
Cacao is a ingredient with various sociality.
What is happening in the cacao production site now?

If you take a step in this way, you often have not focused on it, and there are many things in common with the "seaweed" where Siebigitables face each other.

If the ingredients that have been eaten for granted meet each other, "cacao" and "seaweed" ...

Siebigitable test kitchen 
In the waters of Japan, about 1,500 species
And it is said that there are about 20,000 kinds of seaweed in this world,
All of themThree colors of red (red algae), green (green algae), and brown algaeIt can be divided.

So in this salon du chocolate 2023
Express the three colors of these seaweeds with chocolate and express them.
It is finished in sweets that derive each other's possibilities.


Salon du Chocolat 2023 Sweets

- Sugaro Blue Sori Chocolate Cake

Pinter blue chocolate cake

"Blue glue and cacao are similar things"

It is also a standard product of seaweed, and the fragrant seaweed, which stands out in seaweed.SquirrelsSweets using].

At first glance, they are distant, but they have a good taste, fragrant, and have a slight bitterness.
Cooking the blue glue sweetly so that you can make chocolate by processing cacao sweetly, you will create a delicious dessert with blue glue.

The good sourness of kiwi fruit and pine sprouts enhances the existence of cacao and blue glue.


- Kelp, brown sugar, cocoa nib semi -fred

Kelp, brown sugar, cocoa nib semi -fred

"A sense of unity between grilled kelp and cacao"

When kelp is baked and combined with dairy products, it tastes like a coffee milk with a condensed fragrance and umami.

It is a dessert that combines various fragrant ingredients and dark chocolate.


- Milk mousse of red seaweed and cocoa palp

Milk mousse of red seaweed and cocoa palp

"Cacao pulp fits red seaweed"

Red seaweed = red algae is outstanding.

The red algae and fluffy pulp (cacao parp) with a refreshing sour taste and white chocolate that are perfect for fruity taste are combined.



And this time, not only can you enjoy sweets with this cacao and seaweed ...

It will be the first unveiled to the general public,It has never beenNon -alcoholic drink "Sea wine" made by fermenting seaweedI will provide you. ( * Only takeout)

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As an unknown ingredient that has not been known yet,Be sure to come to experience the new food experience created by the Siebejitable, which explores the potential of "seaweed".


Salon du Chocolat 2023
~ Spread, enjoy, cacao world-

□ Opening date: 2023 Sunday, January 22, 2023 -January 25 (Wednesday)
Each day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (end only on the last day only 6 pm)
*Provision is scheduled from around 11:00.
*The last order is closed 30 minutes before the closing of each day
*Ends as soon as it is sold out for a limited quantity.

 □ Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 6th floor event


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