Our First Debut at "Salon du Chocolat 2023" in Isetan Shinjuku

This winter, Sea Vegetable Company will be making its debut at the chocolate festival "Salon du Chocolat," dedicated to exploring the possibilities of cocoa.

Chocolate is a beloved treat familiar to many in Japan, as it is in many countries around the world. While it's now commonly known that "chocolate is made from cocoa," there's still much to discover about cocoa itself.

What exactly is cocoa?

What social significance does cocoa hold as a food ingredient?

What is happening in cocoa production today?

Delving deeper, we found that cocoa shares many similarities with seaweed, but hasn't received as much attention yet.

So then the question rises: "What happens when two seemingly unrelated ingredients, cocoa and seaweed, come together?"

Siebigitable test kitchen 

In Japan's sea alone, there are approximately 1,500 types of seaweed, and worldwide, there are around 20,000 seaweeds categorized into Three colors: red (red algae), green (green algae), and brown (brown algae).

At Salon du Chocolat 2023, we are combining these three colors of seaweed with chocolate to create sweets that showcase the potential of both ingredients.


Salon du Chocolat 2023 Sweets

- Suji-Aonori Chocolate Cake

Pinter blue chocolate cake

"Suji-Aonori and Cacao have a lot of things in common"


This dessert features the highly aromatic "Suji-Aonori seaweed," a staple product of Sea Vegetable Company. Despite being seemingly distant ingredients, both Cacao and Aonori seaweed share characteristics of umami, fragrance, and a hint of bitterness. By sweetening Aonori seaweed, just as cocoa is processed into chocolate, we create a delicious dessert where the flavors of cocoa and Aonori complement each other, enhanced by the subtle acidity of kiwi fruit and pine shoots.


- Kelp, Brown Sugar, Cocoa nib Semi -freddo

Kelp, brown sugar, cocoa nib semi -fred

"Harmony of Roasted Kombu and Cocoa"

Roasting kombu seaweed and combining it with dairy creates a flavor reminiscent of condensed coffee milk. This dessert pairs various roasted ingredients with dark chocolate.


- Milk mousse of Red seaweed and Cocoa palp

Milk mousse of red seaweed and cocoa palp

"Cacao pulp blends well with Red seaweed"

Red seaweed, particularly red algae, pairs exceptionally well with acidity. In this dessert, we combine the acidity of red algae with cocoa pulp and the fruity flavor of white chocolate.



Additionally, not only can visitors enjoy these sweets combining cocoa and seaweed, but they can also experience something completely new - a non-alcoholic beverage made by fermenting previously undiscovered seaweed, "Sea Wine," available for takeout only.

Come and experience the new culinary frontier that Sea Vegetable Company is exploring, as we uncover the potential of "seaweed" as an unknown ingredient.

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Salon du Chocolat 2023
~ Spread, enjoy, cacao world-

□ Opening date: 2023 Sunday, January 22, 2023 -January 25 (Wednesday)
Each day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (end only on the last day only 6 pm)
*Provision is scheduled from around 11:00.
*The last order is closed 30 minutes before the closing of each day
*Ends as soon as it is sold out for a limited quantity.

 □ Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 6th floor event



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