Pop-Up Store: Seaweed Ramen in Tokyo's Gaienmae

From July 4th to July 27th, 2024, Sea Vegetable is hosting a limited-time pop-up store at "ITOCHU SDGs STUDIO RESTAURANT 星のキッチン Hanare" in Gaienmae, Tokyo. This pop-up event, named "Moba-tei," aims to introduce new seaweed-based culinary culture using rare seaweed species.

Event Details:

Location: ITOCHU SDGs STUDIO RESTAURANT 星のキッチン Hanare (Itochu Garden B1F, 2-3-1 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

July 4th (Thu) to 6th (Sat)

July 11th (Thu) ~ 13th (Sat)

July 18th (Thu) ~ 20th (Sat)

July 25th (Thu) ~ 27th (Sat)

  • Hours: 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Eat-In: Enjoy seaweed ramen and seaweed salad, showcasing innovative uses of rare seaweeds.

Exhibits & Sales: Learn about Sea Vegetable's activities through informative exhibits and purchase various seaweed products.

Menu served by "Mobatei"

Seaweed Ramen Chinese Course: ¥4,500

Reservation: 20 seats available per session (reservation required)

Menu:3 kinds of appetizers / Seaweed Ramen /1 drink /Dessert (Tosakanori Almond Tofu)

Dates & Times:July 11th (Thu), 12th (Fri), 18th (Thu), 19th (Fri)

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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Discover the fascinating world of seaweed cuisine with our exclusive Seaweed Ramen course, available for a limited time in Gaienmae, Tokyo. This special event offers a chance to experience how the texture of seaweed changes with temperature, adding a dynamic element to your dining experience.

Chef Daisuke Okada's Comment:

"Seaweed pairs surprisingly well with soups. In a bowl, it provides a delightful contrast to the flavors and textures of the noodles and other ingredients. The colorful variety of seaweed not only differs in taste and aroma but also transforms in texture with the soup's temperature. The true beauty of seaweed shines in soup, making seaweed ramen an exquisite culinary experience

Try our Seaweed Chinese Course, featuring a three-kind appetizer platter that highlights the diverse textures of different seaweeds.

End your meal with the visually stunning Tosakanori Almond Tofu for dessert.

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Menu Options:

  • Seaweed Salad (Single) with Drink: ¥1,800
  • Seaweed Salad + Soup Set with Drink: ¥2,150
  • Seaweed Salad + Bread and Soup Set with Drink: ¥2,300

  • Dates: July 12th (Fri) & 19th (Fri)
  • Time: 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Seating: 24 seats (6 counter seats | 18 table seats)

<Chef Daisuke Okada's Comment>

"When a salad primarily made of vegetables contains a bit of seaweed, it's already considered a seaweed salad. But if it's going to be called a seaweed salad, it should have a substantial amount of seaweed. This thought inspired us to create our seasonal seaweed salad series. However, a salad made of 100% seaweed might become monotonous. So, we balanced the seaweed with seasonal vegetables in just the right proportion. This salad is hearty enough to be the main course of your lunch."

Read more about "Mobatei" here

Daisuke Okada

Born in 1979  / Sushi artisan and Sushi chef.

At the age of 18, he embarked on a journey into the world of food, dedicating himself to mastering the art of sushi. By the age of 24, he had gained enough experience and expertise to venture into independent sushi craftsmanship.

In 2008, he founded "Sumeshiya," a sushi restaurant located in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, operating on a reservation-only basis, catering to one group per day. His establishment quickly became a topic of discussion among food enthusiasts.

Subsequently, in 2016, he relocated his restaurant from Asakusabashi to Edogawabashi in Bunkyo Ward. Over the years, Okada has continuously expanded the possibilities of being a sushi artisan, participating in various projects such as serving as a model for a sushi manga titled "L’Art du Sushi" in France and curating exhibitions related to tableware and culinary arts at the New National Museum of Art.

Furthermore, he has authored books such as "おすしやさんにいらっしゃい!Welcome to the Sushi Shop!" published by Iwasaki Shoten and "季節のおうち寿司 Seasonal Home Sushi" published by PHP Institute, showcasing his knowledge and passion for sushi cuisine.


The ITOCHU SDGs STUDIO RESTAURANT 星のキッチン(Hoshi no Kitchen) is inspired by family restaurants that popularized Western cuisine in Japan. It offers sustainable dining experiences with classic dishes loved by both children and adults. This restaurant aims to provide an enjoyable way to experience and understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sea Vegetable will be opening a dining at an event space known as "Hoshi no Kitchen Hanare" this time.

Visit 星のキッチン(Hoshi no Kitchen) Website for more information.

Featured Products

During the pop-up, you can also purchase Sea Vegetable's staple products, including the collaborative creation with "バターのといき" - 'Sea Butter - Suji Aonori & Habanori'.

Dried Suji Aonori

Aonori Furikake

Dried Tosakanori

Dried Hijiki

Dried Mirin

Sea Butter - Suji Aonori & Habanori

Seaweed Assortment Set (with original drawstring bag)