Providing seaweed dishes at La MER special event

In July 2023, held in Singapore, 2023  Create a skin care brand made from seaweed as a raw materialThe Sea Vegetable Test Kitchen team provided seaweed dishes at an invitation event sponsored by La Mer.

La Mer Event 202307

Skin care brand loved from all over the world
The key to La MER "seaweed"

"Seaweed" was a raw material that Dr. Max Huber, the creator of La Mail, who has always loved the sea, in search of an approach to "healthy skin".

La Mail offers a skin care product that contains a unique moisturizing ingredient called "Miracle Bros", which is a seaweed "giant seschelp" with a tremendous vitality.

Skin care products that make full use of the blessings from the sea continue to be loved not only in Japan but also by people around the world.


Limited collaboration at an event sponsored by La Mail

La Mer Event 202307

At an invitation event held in Singapore in July,La Mail founderMax HuberThe research on the Miracle Bros, which was created by Dr. for a long time, and the possibility of an innovative approach to the skin has been shown.

Among them, we are "seaweed dishes" by Sea Vegetable Test Kitchen, adding a flower to the venue.

A total of 5 dishes offered to about 100 people invited to this event.

  【starter】 La MER_SEA VEGETABLE_STARTER_202307
-Coconut water, kelp and cherry blossom leaves
  Fresh Coconut Water Infused with RauSu Kombu and Wild Cherry Leaves
-  Raw Aosa, Aoyama pepper, caviar and habanori miso crisp
  AOSA SEAWEED, GREEN SANSHO and FISH EGGS, Sandwiched Between a Habanori SeaWeed Miso Crisp
 Sweet shrimp, lively millimilation, blue glue soy sauce and cassis tree
  Raw Shrimp and Live Mirin SeaWeed Shoots.

[1 item]
 Smoked Tosakanori, Mad Club
  Smoked Tosakanori SeaWeed, Hand-Picked Mud Crab

[2 items]
Sea jungle curry
  Hijiki and abalone with spices, white squid and plankton sauce

  Underwater Jungle Curry
  Southern HIJIKI SEAWEED PRESERVED WITH SPICES, Served with Abalone Braissed with Pine and Kombu

[3 items]
 - Steamed calf, yuba and green turtle
  Milk-Fed Veal, White Asparagus and Ginger Flowers Wrapped in Veils of Braissed Ao-Wakame and Fresh Soy Milk Skin

 Pinter blue chocolate cake
  Aonori SeaWeed Chocolate Cake

*All cooking photos are ""  © NATHALIE CANTACUZINO


Seaweed with infinite possibilitiesNow, it is attracting attention with various approaches around the world.

La email that derives the potential of seaweed with a skin care brand,
A seaweed that continues to explore new cultivation methods for all seaweed.

Both people walk in different fields
This time through "eating seaweed"One day connected beyond the border.

"Seaweed has an unknown possibility."

It was an exciting time that made me think so again.

From the perspective of “food”, what will we create from now on?Can you do it?
I hope you look forward to your future initiatives.




An Event Dedicated to Exploring La Mer'S Innovative Skincare Solutions -That Which Taps INTO SEWEED, One of the Ocean's Man's Man's Wonders. Ources the usage to formulate Their Miracle Broth is Giant Kelp, As the Name IMPLIES, THE LARGEST GENUS of Phaeophyta or Brown Algae in The World.

 An Example of the Endless Possibilities Within The World of Seaweed; OUR COLLABORATION is from the Pinnacle To Learn How Different Fields and Industries Around The World Are Pushing The Boundaries Utilizing SeaWeed as a resource. WE HOPE THE EVENT WAS Just as Eye-Opening in a Culernary Sense!

by Shui Ishizaka from Sea Vegetable Test Kitchen