Salon du chocolat 2024

17th January 2024 - 22th January 2024

The world's largest chocolate festival, 'Salon du Chocolat.'

Following our debut last year, we were honored to participate for the second time in
'TASTE OF CACAO - Exploring the World of Cacao,'

Over six days, attendees indulged in the possibilities and charms of 'cacao' and 'seaweed.'

In this blog post, we'll take you behind the scenes, sharing insights into the event, our specially crafted menu, and the meticulous preparations made to ensure everyone had an enjoyable experience."

Our previous participation in Salon du Chocolat was a first-time venture for us, presenting a new opportunity to explore the potential of combining 'cacao and seaweed.

As we delved into creating new menu items for this event, we found ourselves continually amazed by the allure and depth of cacao. Rediscovering cacao as a fruit, witnessing the transformations brought about by fermentation, and appreciating the unique characteristics of each bean that convey a sense of terroir.

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the sweets we crafted, carefully considering their compatibility with seaweed. It was an exploration of flavors and textures that we were thrilled to share with you

◆ Pavlova of the Sea
Infused with the rich flavor of 'Sujiaonori,' combined with mountain fruits and the refreshing acidity of cacao juice.

◇ Sea Tart Tatin
Featuring freshly baked 'Hiro me' seaweed, apples, and hints of cacao flavor.

◆ Sea Mont Blanc
A harmonious blend of aged chestnuts, 'kombu' seaweed, and the umami of chocolate.

[ * For more details on each menu item, please visit this page ].

\ Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to discover a new aspect of seaweed! /

To all those who visited our venue,

In order to allow you to experience this captivating world more deeply,

This year, we have prepared a special menu featuring a mini-course of two 'Petit Gateau' desserts to enjoy before and after your ordered sweets.

[ To start ]
Sujiaonori Mousse with Ao-Nori Cacao Butter

[ To finish ]
Tosaka-Nori, Plum, Rose, and Chocolate

Turning Thoughts into Form

Special Pitcher Designed by Mr. Nobuhiko Tanaka

『 I wanted to finish the dish right in front of each person who stopped by』

With this sentiment from the SEA VEGETABLE Test Kitchen, we had the privilege of having Mr. Tanaka, a close friend, create something special for us.

This time, the special pitcher mainly made its appearance during the finishing touches of the 'Pavlova of the Sea,' where we drizzle dressing made with cacao juice and cacao-scented oil.

Mr. Tanaka's vessels gracefully complement, yet stand out with their presence, as if naturally and gently embracing. From the touch, one can feel Mr. Tanaka's personality imbued within.

Moreover, the delicate yet vividly glazed vessels, adorned with unique hues, added an extra touch of elegance to our sentiments.

Small Souvenir

Madeleine of the Sea

Amidst the gathering of charming chocolatiers and eateries, those who visited us and enjoyed our 'Cacao x Seaweed' sweets were presented with a madeleine made using 'fresh Aosa' cultivated by SeaVegetable.

Enjoy the lingering taste of the sweets experienced at the event.

Handing out cards for each menu item

For each menu item enjoyed during this event, we created original
' handover cards'
detailing the composition of each dish and the passion behind each dessert

We designed these cards with the intention of allowing attendees to continue savoring the experience even after leaving the venue


>>> From the preparations beforehand to the day itself, each member of our team meticulously crafted these desserts, pouring their dedication and passion into every detail. We hope that everyone who visited the venue left feeling happy! (Illustration and design by S.Y)"

Entertaining Displays

A display with fine details

The seaweed used in our sweets for this event was all grown by our in-house production team in collaboration with local fishermen and partners.
Moreover, at the entrance of our booth, a showcase displayed 'living seaweed' delivered by our production team.

Every aspect of our displays, including signage and POP materials, was meticulously crafted with attention to detail.


>>> Led by the Test Kitchen team, all members involved in this event worked together with the shared goal of delivering the deliciousness of 'cacao and seaweed.' It was a hectic yet enjoyable time, reminiscent of a school festival. We hope everyone enjoyed the encounter between cacao and seaweed. (Package design and display by S.T)


Every day, a dish born from our steadfast dedication to seaweed as an ingredient.

Once again this year, we are delighted to have discovered the potential of cacao and seaweed together with everyone who visited our venue.

"'Seaweed' as an ingredient is even more fascinating than we imagine."

We will continue to explore the possibilities of seaweed from different approaches and hope to share this culinary experience with you somewhere again.

Once again, to everyone who visited,
Thank you very much!