Wakabi Hijiki Ahei and Cabbage Peperoncino


For the sweetness of cabbage and the fragrance of bacon
A refreshing pasta with a refreshing pungency and crunchy texture of the seaweed "Wakojiki Aheon".

It is also recommended to use other flavors such as "Wakojiki Yuzu" as you like.


Material (for 2 people):


・ Dry young hijiki: 5g * If you add it to water 6 minutes, it will increase about 2-3 times.
Or, Shiozura Wako Hijiki Aoho: 50g(Before salt)
・ Cabbage: 180g
・ Bacon: 50g
・ Spaghetti: 180g
・ Pepper: your favorite amount
・ Garlic: One kake
・ Olive oil (for fried): 3 tablespoons
・ Olive oil (for finishing): 3 tablespoons

 Wakabi Hijiki Aho Peperoncino

How to:

  1. Refroduce "Wakabijiki Aheon". (Recommended time: 5 minutes)
    * How to drain the saltHere
  2. [Cut the ingredients] Cut the salt -drained young hijiki into an easy -to -eat length.
    Cabbage is chopped, and the hard part of the stem is shredded. The bacon is a 1cm wide rod.
  3. [Fry the ingredients] Garlic to a frying pan with olive oil.
    Heat it with a slightly weaker fire than medium heat, and put the bacon as soon as it becomes a bean color.
  4. When the bacon has a lightly burnt color, add the cabbage and fry over medium heat so that the whole oil. At the same time, start boiling pasta.
  5. Put about 4 cups of boiled pasta juice in a frying pan, and lightly fry the cabbage and boil the cabbage. After about half the water, turn off the heat.
  6. Look at the taste, adjust the taste with salt if it is thin. (It is also recommended to use salt paid when draining)
    Pasta is given to a colander about 30 seconds before the boiling time, and lightly drain the hot water and go to the frying pan.
  7. Make a high heat and add the olive oil for finishing and a young hijiki. Make the hijiki quickly and quickly.
  8. Check the taste again, sprinkle with black pepper and shredded green pepper on the finish and finish it.

It is also known as a sashimi pepper made in Owase City, Mie Prefecture, and is a green pepper "tiger tail" that goes well with various ingredients.
A young hijiki like a sea vegetable with a crispy texture.
If you use a seaweed "Wakabijiki Yuzu", it will be a different taste again. Please enjoy according to your favorite mood ~

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Young Hijiki Seaweed


Dried Young Hijiki Seaweed