Seasonal recommended seaweed recipes ~ 2023 Mando summer ~

 Summer at the height of summer. It's hot enough to melt.

"Sweat every day ..." "It's cold and lazy ..."
The season when such troubles increase.

This time, I would like to recommend it even on days when I sweat a lot or on days when I have no appetite.
Introducing recipes using seaweed seaweed!


Habanori chicken salt ramen


Classic menu salt ramen of sea house.
If you put a lot of Habanori, mineral replenishment is perfect!
This time it is a recipe made from the soup, but of course commercial soup ◎

For 2 people
Habanori dried as it is: Plenty of your favorite amount
・ Chinese noodles: 2 balls
・ Chicken breast meat: 350 ~ 400g
・ The blue part of the green onion: 1
・ Ginger: 1 piece
・ Gray hair onion: 20g
・ Salt: 12g
・ Water: 1200cc
・ Sesame oil: If you like

1. Remove the skin of chicken breast and leave it separately. Cut the meat meat so that the cut surface is wider. Sprinkle with salt (outside the quantity) on the front and back of the cut chicken breast.

2. Slice water, salt, green onion, and ginger in a pan with skin, cover, and boil once. When it boils, stop the heat, add the cut chicken breast and the removed skin to cover. Leave it for 20 minutes.

3. After checking if there is a fire to the center of the chicken, take out all the ingredients and adjust the taste as you like.

Four. Boil the noodles in another pot and boil the noodles. In the meantime, cut chicken breast into pieces that are easy to eat, and boil the soup again and keep it hot.
Hair hair onion is exposed to ice water.

Five. Serve noodles, hot soup, chicken breast, and gray hair onions in the bowl, and finally plenty of grilled habanori as you like. Delicious even if you drop sesame oil as you like!


Milin's chilled oden 


Speaking of oden, it is a winter image, but summer oden, which is chilled and eaten, is also exceptional.
Milin, which is easy to get involved in soup stock, may be a new standard for oden.
Please make it with your favorite summer vegetables, such as corn and eggplant!

For 2 people
Shiozura Irin(Before salt drain): 50g
・ Boiled egg
・ Okra (with your favorite vegetables)
・ Total
・ Konjac
・ Pattern (Chikuwa, etc.)
■ It's the best (easy to make. 180ml to use)
・ Kelp: 5g
・ Hanakatsuo: 8g
・ Water: 500ml
・ Salt: 5g

1. Milin is drained.

2. Take the broth. Put the kelp and water lightly wiped in a pan and put it on for more than 30 minutes (if you can leave it overnight).

3. Put the 2 pot over low heat, take out the kelp just before boiling, turn the flower bonito at once, stop the heat, and wait for everything to wet.

Four. Return to low heat again, boil for 1-2 minutes, taste it, lay the kitchen paper and filter. (If the taste of the bonito is light, boil for about one minute), etc., press lightly and filter all.

Five. Put the amount of salt and vegetables in a dashi pan and cook over low heat until it becomes moderately hard.

6. Taste, check the salt and the hardness of the vegetables, and if it is not enough, season with salt. Turn off the heat and put the remaining ingredients, then cool slowly.

7. When it cools down to your favorite temperature, serve it in a bowl.
1, which has drained 1, is also served together so that the broth is soaked.


Genovese of Takanori


The crunchy texture of Tosakanori and octopus is delicious!
Excellent compatibility with handmade Genovese sauce.
It is a simple seaweed salad that is perfect for a little hospitality.

For 2 people
Shiozura and Sakanori(Before salt drain): 50g
・ Steamed octopus: 50g
・ Fruit tomatoes: 1-2
■ Genovese source
・ Basil leaves: 10g
・ Cashew nut: 8g
・ Salt: One snack
・ Olive oil: 40g

1. Tosakanori is cut off salt.

2. Cut the octopus and well -washed fruit tomatoes to your favorite thickness (the recipe is about 1 cm).

3. Put olive oil in a mixer and cool lightly in the refrigerator.
* To make the green color of basil appear beautifully

4. In 3. Put the coarsely chopped cashew nuts and salt in a kitchen knife and mix well until they are paste. Put the basil leaves and mix well.
Look at the taste, add if there is not enough salt. After mixing lightly, transfer it to the bowl and cool it in the refrigerator.
* Cool to the extent that the oil content is not too hard

Five. Spread 1 tokanori on a plate and serve octopus and tomatoes. Complete 4 from the top. Include ingredients and sauce and eat!