Suji-Aonori Sprinkle Rice


Sprinkle with plenty of "Suji Ao Nori", which is said to be the most fragrant variety in blue glue. Rice proceeds with the scent of the shore and the elegant and bonito umami.


Ingredients (for 1 person):

  • Aonori Sprinkle 
  • Rice


How to:

  1. Place steaming hot rice in a bowl and sprinkle the aonori furikake on top. That's it!

Kinchi Shoten is a bonito store, which has a high call to Japan's best bonito.
Skilled craftsmen carefully select bonito, Put the bones one by one carefully, then apply the bonito surimi and smoke. You can make molding work and sun drying over and over again.

The bonito set created by the old traditional manufacturing method It features an elegant and gorgeous fragrance and a deep umami. It goes well with the scent of the shore of the streaks.Organic white sesame and organic Added salt made of deep ocean water at Muroto Cape, Kochi Prefecture, The blue glue sprinkle has been completed.