Tasty, fun, and innovative.

Seaweed delivering a totally new experience to food lovers around the world––.

Under the brand name “Re-seaweed” come original seaweed-derived products and special events.


Re-seaweed’s initial offering introduces fermentation to the world of seaweed through a technique developed in-house by our team of experts.

“Aonori Shoyu,” a liquid seasoning, is made by fermenting raw aonori seaweed with rice malt, salt, and water––and not a soybean in sight.

Seaweed and fermentation have a long and proud history in Japan’s food culture, but this is the first serious effort to marry the two. We see infinite possibilities.

Culturing the sea

Rocky-shore denudation is a phenomenon occurring not only in Japan but around the world, and sea desertification is also spreading.

In the process of activating a new food culture, we also aim to produce seaweed in such a way as to foster marine life and enrich the sea—

This hope is encapsulated in our brand theme, “Culturing the sea.”

From Sea Vegetable Test Kitchen

Whether discovering the properties of unfamiliar seaweeds or painstakingly creating fresh tastes using those we know already—every moment brings enjoyment.

We hope you, too, will be excited and share in the spirit of exploration as you encounter the surprising delights of our seasonings and fermented foods.

The world of seaweed is vast and largely unexplored: even though we engage with it every day, there is still much to learn. Let us venture together into new and unknown culinary regions.