Original Sea Vegetable Purse


Indulge in the charm of these illustrated wonders, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of seaweed!

Introducing our original seaweed pouch, adorned with a lineup of eight seaweed varieties—Suji-Aonori, Habanori, Tosaka-nori, Aosa, Hijiki, Mirin, Mozuku, and Yumigataogonori— like flipping through the pages of a marine encyclopedia! Perfectly sized for storing small items, this pouch can be used for personal use or a gift to your friend.

Crafted in a size that's perfect for storing small essentials, this seaweed pouch is not only ideal for personal use but also an irresistible gift for that special someone who adores seaweed.

The illustrations themselves were born from the collaborative efforts of a former designer, now nurturing seaweed "babies" at the Sea Vegetable Laboratory, and members of the seaweed research team. Their artistry brings to life the lovable yet true-to-form depictions of these marine treasures

※Please note that this product does not include seaweed items and goods inside.