Original Seaweed T-shirt


Indulge in the charm of these illustrated wonders, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of seaweed!

A t-shirt full of colorful illustrations of seaweeds; the rich crimson of Tosaka-nori, its hue casting a radiant glow, and the delicate, silken elegance of Suji-Aonori, each frond shimmering like spun silk in the underwater ballet.

Seaweed can also be a feast for your eyes. Its myriad colors and intricate forms beckon the observer into a world of wonder and delight.

In our original seaweed T-shirts, five types of seaweed (Suji-Aonori, Habanori, Tosaka-nori, Aosa, and Hijiki) swim cutely. Not only perfect for everyday wear but also an irresistible gift for that special someone who adores seaweed.

The illustrations themselves were born from the collaborative efforts of a former designer, now nurturing seaweed "babies" at the Sea Vegetable Laboratory, and members of the seaweed research team. Their artistry brings to life the lovable yet true-to-form depictions of these marine treasures

■ Material: 100% cotton

■ Size: M size (Length 69cm / Width 52cm / Shoulder Width 46cm / Sleeve Length 20cm) ※ Please note that only unisex M size is available.

【Size Reference】 Height of photo models: Female: 164cm (2nd photo) Male: 172cm (3rd photo) ※ The T-shirts worn are all size M.

・ Normal delivery: 900 yen
(Delivery to Hokkaido and Okinawa will be +200 yen.)

・ Yu -Packet: Nationwide 350 yen
◎ This item can be delivered by the Japan Post "Yu Packet" only for one order for a total of up to one. If it is purchased in conjunction with other products or if this product is two or more, we will deliver it by "Normal Shipping".
◎ In the case of purchase of 5,000 yen or more, we will respond with "free shipping".

・ Delivery is not handed over, but is posted to the mailbox.
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