Smooth and refreshing! Mozuku" eaten with men-tsuyu (Japanese noodle soup)

Many people are surprised to taste mozuku for the first time and enjoy its stickiness.

Sea Vege members also enjoy mozuku in various ways in their daily meals.

In the hot summer, ingredients that can be prepared quickly without using fire are very useful, aren't they?

In this context, we pursue the way to enjoy "mozuku x men-tsuyu," which many Sea Veggie members also recommend...!

For now I tried to keep it simple, in my house, with the mentsuyu.
Tamatsuyu (a starch sauce).Sit down, mew-sauce.

I want to hold on to the other one, and I want to make this delicious taste more like this!

For this, I asked Mr. Okada, Okada, Tavej, Mr. Okada, who has been working with the seaweed every day to develop the food, and asked Mr. Okada, Okada's advice to eat more delicious.

Okada's Ichioshi is ' zokuzuku somen. '

The sticky slip of the mozuku is added to the soup broth, and the usual somen is in a different atmosphere.There's a mozuku on the top, and the eats are going up, too!

When you get used to this delicious taste, the more likely somen without a mozuku seems to be too much to be felt.

I am glad that the standard of the summer gourmet will be eaten by the addition of mozuku as well as the higher nutritional value!

It's good enough to be in a regular house, but it's good enough.
As it is so smooth, I want to experiment with a little bit of soup broth.

So, Mr. Okada taught me the 'eight directions,' which is Mr. Reil's Mr. Aburi.

In the case of Mr. Kim, he has been serving soy sauce with an open "wooden bucket" since the beginning of the company's founding.The soy-sauce brewed in the hands with a warm, rich flavor is characterized by its complex and rich flavor.

Using such soy-sauce, 'Hachikata' refers to the boiling of bonito, the boil of powder-dried sardines, and the soup stock of konbu.

Soy-flavored soup broth and natural soy-sauce are woefully flavored, and the flavor is a homosexual group with a mozuku.

By the way, if you ask Okada to make hand-made soup broth easily, it seems to be easy to make.

As a little event during the summer vacation, it sounds like a delightful idea to make handmade from a soup broth with your children.

First, a hand-made version using koikuchi oil, which is also common to households in general.
Soup stock: koikuchi soy-sauce: nikiri mirin = 5:1: 1

Osuzume is a version using rich tamari soy sauce.
Soup stock: tamari soy-sauce: nikiri mirin-4:1: 1

If you have a shortage of sweetness, depending on your community or your home, if you are satisfied with your taste, you can use it as your favorite.
The point is to darter the soup stock of katsuo and kelp.

It takes a bit of a time, but it's a different one from the market.
If you eat a mozuku with a home-made soup broth, you can enjoy the flavor of the fish.

When you eat with a little sauce and a little bit of your hand, you have to eat with your own fist broth, and you have to eat it with a little bit of your hand, and you have to eat it.

Let' s get a good ride on this hot summer with a lot of good eating mozuku!

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