Savoring the Unique Texture of Mozuku with Mentsuyu seasoning

Today, we here to talk about the surprising delight of "Mozuku seaweed"; an ingredient loved by our company members for its unique texture and flovor.

During hot summer days, having ingredients that require no cooking is a lifesaver. And that's where Mozuku with Mentsuyu(Japanese soup-base sauce )shines!

I tried the mozuku with some basic men-tsuyu I had at home. Much to my surprise, it was astonishingly delicious! 
I thought that Men-tsuyu was just a ordinary Japanese seasoning poured just slightly into hot dishes. But it's much more than that!

So, I decided to explore this delicious combo further and reached out to our partner chef, Okada-san.

Daisuke Okada

Born in 1979  / Sushi artisan and Sushi chef.

At the age of 18, he embarked on a journey into the world of food, dedicating himself to mastering the art of sushi. By the age of 24, he had gained enough experience and expertise to venture into independent sushi craftsmanship.

In 2008, he founded "Sumeshiya," a sushi restaurant located in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, operating on a reservation-only basis, catering to one group per day. His establishment quickly became a topic of discussion among food enthusiasts.


Mozuku Somen Noodles

The slimy texture of Mozuku adds an another dimension to the men-tsuyu, giving your usual somen noodles a whole new vibe. Once you get used to this, you might find yourself craving Mozuku with every bowl of somen!

Even the classic summer dish of cold somen noodles becomes more satisfying and nutritious with the addition of Mozuku!

While regular men-tsuyu from your pantry works just fine, why not explore with something a bit more special?

That's where Okada-san's recommendation comes in: "八方だしHappo dashi" from Syoukin Shoyu(Soy Sauce).

Syoukin Shoyu has been brewing soy sauce in open wooden barrels since its establishment, allowing the sauce to develop complex and rich flavors over time. Their "Happo Dashi" men-tsuyu is made using a luxurious blend of bonito flakes, small dried sardines, and kombu kelp dashi, resulting in a broth that pairs perfectly with Mozuku.


And if you're feeling adventurous, making your own men-tsuyu from scratch is surprisingly easy!


Start with a simple version using regular dark soy sauce commonly found in households.

Dashi: Dark soy sauce: Sweet mirin = 5:1:1


For a more flavorful option, try using a rich Tamari soy sauce.

Dashi: Tamari soy sauce: Sweet mirin = 4:1:1


Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the sweetness by adding more sweet mirin as needed. The key is to make the bonito and kombu dashi strong.

It might take a bit of effort, but homemade men-tsuyu brings a whole different compared to store-bought ones.

So, grab some slippery Mozuku and enjoy a refreshing dish to beat this scorching summer heat!

Written by: Omayu


person who wrote this article: Omayu