The secret behind the delicate fragrance of Suji-Aonori seaweed.

It is said to be the finest and most fragrant of all the bluish bluish.

Even in this sujiaonori, "dried suji onnori" in shibezi tavre is special.and you can taste delicate and delicate.

This time, the theme is the "fragrance" of the soothed oinori.Differences in fragrant constituents and growing environments, and the way of eating and eating, are introduced.

Welcome to the scented world of the world in a coarse manner.


the perfumery component of a sujiaonori

The main ingredient of this characteristic fragrance of Susiaonori is the volatile sulfur compound of the "dimethylsulfide".It is also reported that sulfur is a good quality that is often seen in high-class tea such as wearer tea, Gyokuro (refined green tea) and matcha (tea with powdered green tea), and is effective in relieve the stress, and it has a good effect.

Is the smell of the environment different depending on the environment you are in?scientifically analyzed

The "hay-dried umanori" produced in sevezable land plantations is highly appreciated by specialists and cooers, especially in the middle of the demonstrate this scientifically, in fact,Domestic (Yoshino River) products of other companies (Yoshino-gawa River)analyzed the fragrant constituents.

As a result of the analysis of ingredients, compared to other companies' products made from Yoshino-gawa River products, the analysis is found."The main component of the aroma (dimethyl sulfide) is 2.47 to 4.57 times higher than the strength of the aroma."was the result of the report.

In this way, it has also been revealed that sebece tavables have a particularly fragrant odor.

Why is it so fragrant?

This is generated by the original track and field technology.
In land plantations, it uses a mineral rich underground seawater that is drawn from underground and filtered to clean.Sujiaonori grows as it absorbs nutrients in seawater and is photosynthesized with sunlight.In addition, because the area of the sun is growing in a large aquarium, the sun is full of sunlight in the whole aquanolum.This is the result of the absorption of sufficient nutrients and light, so that the fragrance of the color is thickly aromatic and therefore becomes a highly-fragrant.

a large aquarium that is full of sunlight


the algal algae of the sun shining with the light of the sun

brilliantly colored sagio-onori before drying

In addition, by drying the Sjiaonori in fresh, it is possible to maintain the fragrance of the delicate and delicate, delicate and delicate fragrance of the delicacy of the soothless oinori.

This is also generated by a well-organized environment that is well cultivated in land.

(Live the scent of)  

Sziaonori, which is characterized by its fragrance.Here are some of the ways to flavor this fragrance.When it comes to eating, it is a dish that is familiar to eating, such as okonomiyaki or yakisoba (fried soba), but here is a new and nostalgic flavor of the taste of the dish, so please try again.

-To cook the cooking.

The fragrance of dimethylsulfide is weak at high temperatures with a volatile flavor component, so it is fragrant when it is heated and heated after cooking.The dishes are served on a plate, and it is also said that the dish should be eaten immediately before eating.The fragrance of the table is spread out.

Suji Aonori Toast

Aonori Potato


-with dairy products and oil-related products.

It also contains aromatic ingredients such as butter and yogurt, and it is also good for milk fermented cheese, cream, and butter.The flavor of the fragrance is also good, and the flavor of the flavor increases as well.

Why not Muniel?

-Pro tastes good, tasty, good, good, good!

Resorts.Mix the finely finely chopper of the cooked rice and put it on the plate, and then sprinkle the sesiaonori.Maybe it smells like a truffle, and in fact, the characteristic aromatic component of a truffle is a dimethyl sulfide.

In addition, the fragrant constituents of the oysters and oysters are surprisingly homosexual, and they attract each other's fragrance.Once you eat it, it's a combination that you feel is not enough without a blue one.

The point where the scent is used is to match the ingredients with the same fragrance component.As an unexpected foodstuff, I will match you with a Kiwai.


Suji Seinori × Oyster

-Traditional dishes:

As for the third story of the morning, there are regions in western Japan that eat "onori" (blue nores).In the whole country, there are different kinds of different types, such as black goma, but in the Kansai region, it is said that the green color with elegant fragrance is preferred in the Kansai region.It is also known from traditional dishes that it is also good for a good blue one.

The area that is placed in Ozoni is also used.They say it is an essential ingredient in the fragrant and miso-based zoni.It is also a good soup stock with soup and soy sauce-based zoni.

Aonori Ogi


-Measures to reduce salt

By making use of the fragrance, it can be added to the taste, so that salt and other seasonings can be reduced.
For example, if you want to be at the top of it, the one half of the time is always enough.

You can enjoy a healthier and delicious meal by incorporates the Sujiaonori into the cooking.

The possibility of using Szyaonori is infinity.I've been in a variety of foods, and I'm a favorite.Please try to find a recipe for you.

The moment you open the bag ...
The moment I was swinging to the food ...
At that moment when I was in the mouth ...
It would be wrapped up in a fine aroma.

I do.This way.Please bear with me.

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