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The flavor is that feeling when you first sniffed the rudder wakame.
It looks like an old Asakusanori, Sri Lanka tea age, kelp, dried plum, etc. Because there is a unique bitterness and gumi, it seems that the likes and dislikes will be divided, but that is fine.


Originally, the seaside village collected during the spring tide from winter to spring.
It seems that it was produced and consumed for private use as a substitute for Asakusanori.
Homemade -made ones were bumpy, gaps, and were considered to be rural food, but now that the simplicity is natural and good.
Because the production volume is low, most of the local consumption, and the distribution is small except for the collection time.
One large -scale seaweed is distributed as a high -quality ingredient of several hundred to 1,000 yen or more.

In Yugawara -cho and Manazuru -cho, especially in western Kanagawa prefecture,
During the cold season around February, it is sold at stores in the town and event venues.
After all it is an expensive ingredient, but it is a valuable product so it is right.
After grilling mainly with fire and turning it to green, rub it on rice and crush it finely.
It is also used with bonito and soy sauce, and is used for miso soup ingredients.

Even in Owase City, Mie Prefecture
It is a standard to eat soy sauce by crushing the grilled grilled grilled in white rice.

Anyway, as a seaweed, the cultural sphere is very narrow.
I think the potential of this seaweed is a variety that should be tried and expanded.
Because it is different from easy -to -understand and delicious seaweed,
If you have a higher cooking experience and taste age
I don't think it's easy to do a habanori.

Basically, the dried habanori is baked before eating.

[Baked habanori]

* It is a guide to change to a bright green color for about 20 seconds with a 200 degree toaster.
OK even if you fry in a frying pan.

The baked habanori can be easily crisp with your fingertips.

[Comparison photo of dried habanori and grilled habanori]

The left is dry habanori
The right is baked

The color, fragrance and texture change.


P1150010 (1) .jpg
This is a close -related species
Habamodoki Eye Kayamonori Facae Sayoha Banori(Petalonia Fascia)
The body is slender and thin.
It occurs on the reefs of the tide band.
This may be sold as "Havanori".
It is difficult to distinguish, but if you look at the cross section of the body with a microscope, you can distinguish it because there is a yarn cells on the sorus.
Wikyomo eyes
Haba Modoki family
There is also a similar seaweed called Habamodoki.


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