Sushi Chef Okada's thorough introduction of Habanori! Vol.3

<<< Until the last time, we introduced the basic information of Havanori and where the habanori is loved.
Vinegared rice shop Okada's thorough introduction! Vol.1 ~ Basic Ki-
Vinegared rice shop Okada's thorough introduction! Vol.2 -Road to a bias ~

[Baked hamba nori ozoni]

The fragrance peculiar to the habanori and the texture that is crisp to be toro.

Six kinds of seaweed and eat steamed oyster butter

[Habanori, butter and steamed oysters]

The fragrance peculiar to Habanori goes well with the oyster butter.
The synergistic effect of the umami is firmly entangled.

[Okonomiyaki of seaweed and oysters]
Dried streak Aonori
Atsuba Aosa

There is a world of delicious seaweed because we eat together.

There has been a genre called blended seaweed that has been made by blending seaweed and seaweed for a long time.
It's called Suji Aonori and Habanori
By mixing two precious and different distinctive nori that you know
The taste is born that smolds the nasal cavity and taste.

That's not all.
Oysters, which you know, oysters,

And the fabric is hard and bitter
By mainly using Atsuba Aosa
The taste of each ingredient can stand out.

Arrange oysters in a thin frying pan.
Autoba Aosa and cabbage are flowing the main okonomiyaki dough.

If the oysters are firmly grilled, turn them over

The baked gravitory and dried streak are fully served to complete.
Did you notice?
No seasonings or spices.
Each seaweed plays a role
It balances.

What is oyster
It ’s delicious even if you eat it as it is,
Eating with seaweed makes it better.

Recommended for [oysters x seaweed]

for example,
Just grilled oysters
Let it on a fluffy seaweed bed
Just wrap it in and eat
Awesome yummy club.


Habanori is expensive
It is overwhelmingly delicious to eat more quickly than to eat.

The streaks are delicious even if you eat a little or dosen.

[Baked chicken saline ramen of grilled chicken]

I would like you to use a special ramen shop to make one dish.

The texture after immersing in the juice is unique
It is also attractive to get involved with noodles.

[Baked is a grilled babi and chirimen rice]
If you want to eat it with rice with the baked baked.
Kamaage Shirasu should be delicious, but crepe goes better.

What is it?
That's why food is interesting.


Daisuke Okada
Born in 1979 Sushi writers / sushi craftsmen
At the age of 18, he trained to the world of food, and became independent as a sushi craftsman at the age of 24.
In 2008, in Chuo -ku, Tokyo, one set of introductory sushi restaurant "Vinegar rice shop(Meishiya) opened.
It becomes a hot topic among foodworms.
After that, he moved to Asakusa Bridge and Edogawa Bridge in Bunkyo -ku in 2016.
The model of the French sushi manga "L'ART DU SUSHI"
At the New National Art Center, vessels and food curations, etc.
He spreads the possibility of a sushi chef every day.
He wrote ""Welcome to Oshiya!(Issued: Iwasaki Shoten) "Seasonal house sushi(Issued: PHP Laboratory)