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Introducing Sea Vegetable's "Original Seaweed Goods"

While we've been passionately conveying the message "Seaweed is delicious," here at Sea Vegetable, it's not just about the taste; seaweed is also visually appealing and full of character.

That's why this time, we're launching the sale of "seaweed goods" adorned with illustrations of these delightful ocean plants.

The illustrations themselves were born from the collaborative efforts of a former designer, now nurturing seaweed "babies" at the Sea Vegetable Laboratory, and members of the seaweed research team. We hope you'll enjoy having them for yourself or as gifts.

Exclusive Seaweed Illustration Merchandise

Original goods with seaweed illustrations

From the vibrant red Tosakanori to the silky Suji Aonori, seaweed not only tastes delicious but also comes in a variety of colors and shapes, making it increasingly endearing as you gaze upon it.

With a desire to share the charm of seaweed, we've created various goods adorned with illustrations.

【Original Seaweed Pouch】

The Original Seaweed Pouch features eight types of seaweed (Suji-Aonori, Habanori, Tosakanori, Aosa, Hijiki, Mirin, Mozuku, Yumigata ogonori) lined up, allowing you to enjoy the diversity of seaweed as if browsing through a picture book. You can pack your favorite items inside and make it a perfect little gift.

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【Original Seaweed T-shirt】

In our original seaweed T-shirts, five types of seaweed (Suji-Aonori, Habanori, Tosaka-nori, Aosa, and Hijiki) swim cutely. Not only perfect for everyday wear but also an irresistible gift for that special someone who adores seaweed.

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Dive into Style with Adorably Realistic Seaweed Art!