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We sell "Original Seaweed Goods" of Sea Begitability

"Seaweed is delicious" has been our message at Seavegetable, but seaweed is not only delicious, it's also visually captivating and enjoyable.

That's why this time, we've started selling "seaweed goods" adorned with illustrations of seaweed.

In fact, the "Original Seaweed T-shirt" that only our team members wore has been repeatedly asked about by customers, "Isn't it available for sale?"

Together with the "Original Seaweed Pouch" that we sold in limited quantities at a previous event, we can finally deliver them to everyone.

The illustrations were drawn by a former designer who is now raising seaweed babies at Seavegetable's research institute, along with members of our seaweed research team.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, we hope you'll get your hands on them.

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Original goods with seaweed illustrations

Vibrant red Toksanori, silky and shiny Suzi Aonori. Seaweed not only tastes delicious but also boasts a variety of colors and shapes, gradually endearing itself as you gaze upon it.

With the desire to share the charm of seaweed, we have created various goods adorned with illustrations.

[Original seaweed drawstring]

The original seaweed drawstring is lined with eight kinds of seaweeds (Sujia Onori, Habanori, Tosakanori, Aosa, Hijiki, Mozuku, Yumigata Ogonori). You can enjoy the diversity of seaweed as if you were looking at the picture book.

Pack your favorite products and make a small gift ◎

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[Original seaweed T -shirt]

In the original seaweed T -shirts, five types of seaweed (Sujia Onori, Habanori, Tosakanori, Aosa, Hijiki) swim cute.

Not only for everyday wear, but also to that person who likes seaweed ...
You may be pleased if you give it to the present.

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Lovely and realistic seaweeds
Please enjoy it.