Luxurious flavor! Habanori and roasted sake


Using "Habanori", it's a little adult with a rich flavor

Ochazuke style rice can be made!


Ingredients (1 cup of bowl):

  • Haba Nori that you just dried as it is
  • White sesame, onions, and yuzu pepper each
  • White rice (recommended to cook hard) 1 cup of bowl
■ Roasted sake kelp 3cm square
  • Cooking sake 100cc
  • 1 plum dried (including seeds)
  • One bonito grab

How to:

  1. ◎ Havanori will be beautifully green when broiled lightly. (About 20 seconds with a 200 degree toaster. You can roast the sky in a frying pan.)

  2. Pickle kelp in the cooking sake overnight. If you take out the kelp the next day, tap the dried plums, put them in with the seeds, and heat over medium heat.
  3. When 2 is boiled, add bonito, boil it down to half the amount of sake, then filter with a tea strainer (you can use it even if it cools down).
  4. Sprinkle rice in a bowl and sprinkle white sesame and onion. If you sprinkle roasted liquor from above, put the fluffy paste softly and add yuzu pepper.

First of all, when I tried to pick up the umeboshi and the gravitory, I felt that both were too strong and collided ... This is just the right roasted sake! If you try it, the best match! Try such a seaweed that is attractive that you eat the more you eat.

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Habanori


Dried Habanori