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Dried Seaweed Series

Dried seaweed products developed based on customer feedback
Premium Salad Seaweed Series are now on sale!

Soak it in and there you are!
Our culinary R&D team has been working closely with our harvest team in recent months to devise a new processing and preservation method to make it even easier to get our seaweed in your hands.

As the name suggests, handy and convenient to use in a salad or quickly adding it to your regular dishes.


A new sensational seaweed series!

<Fact 1>

Quick and Easy

In 4-8 minutes of water, just add it to the dishes ◎
A dry type that can be eaten easily and deliciously.

If you have one bag at home, it will be a convenient ingredient.

<Fact 2>

Produce Driven

Our tested processing method ensures that all the best qualities of each variety remain present, whether it be flavour, fragrance, colour or texture.

<Fact 3>

Plenty to go around!

Just as good for a dinner for 10 as it is for 1. A welcome gift idea for the avid cook, or an adventurer trekking the great outdoors.

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Indeed, seaweed is the leading role of "seaweed salad"

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\Shipping seaweeds around the world/

Sea Vegetable's standard product, "Dried Suji Aonori "
and some other products can also be shipped overseas.

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