Caesar Salad with Hijiki and Cabbage


[Hijiki x Caesar Salad]
Pair up Young Hijiki with a creamy salad dressing! Enhance your daily cabbage salad with a twist in color and texture!


Ingredients (1 person)

Dry young hijiki: 10g
・ Cabbage: 30g
・ Purple cabbage: 10g
・ Celery: 5g
・ Almond: 5g

・ Caesar dressing: your favorite amount
The streak Ao Nori that is dried as it is: You like


How to:

  1. Dry young hijiki"of After 6 minutes with plenty of water,Drain well. ( * After the water return, it will be about 3 times the amount)
  2. Shred the two kinds of cabbage. The celery uses only the stem part, and slices it so that it removes the fiber.
    Wakagi and Cabbage Salad_ Recipe

  3. Completed after dressing the young hijiki, cut vegetables, and almonds.
  4. It is enough to mix with dressing, but to finish The streak Ao Nori that is dried as it isShake it to make it more delicious.

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Young Hijiki Seaweed


Dried Young Hijiki Seaweed