Stir -fried garlic ponzu vinegar with young hijiki and peppers


Cooking time is only 10 minutes!

The texture of young hijiki and peppers is addictive.
Otoki House snack recipe that is perfect for beer and highball ate.


Refreshing with "Wakabijiki Yuzu" If you use "Wakojiki Ahei", it will be a tingling adult seasoning ◎
It is also recommended to enjoy it with your children with melting cheese.


 Ingredients (for 1-2 people):

Stir -fried garlic with young hijiki and peppers _ material

・ Dry young hijiki: 5g * If you add it to water 6 minutes, it will increase about 2-3 times.
Or Shiozura Wakojiki Yuzu: 50g(Before salt)
・ Peppers: 80g (2-3 pieces)
・ Ponzu vinegar: 1 tablespoon
・ Garlic: 3 slices
・ Salad oil: 1/2 tablespoon


 How to:

  1. Refroduce "Wakabijiki Yuzu". (Recommended time: 3 minutes)
    Change the water twice and rinse it, wash off salt, soak it in water for about 3 minutes and drain it. Sprinkle Yuzu together, and if it's long, cut it finely.
    * How to drain the saltHere
  2. Remove the peppers and cut them into pieces that are easy to eat.
    The sliced ​​garlic keeps the buds in the center.
  3. Heat the salad oil and garlic over low heat, and add peppers when they are slightly colored. Follow the whole oil, turn it on medium heat and heat for about a minute.
  4. Add the salt -drained young hijiki and turn on the fire for about 30 seconds.
    When the whole is involved, turn the ponzu and turn off the heat. Adjust the lack of salty taste as you like.

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Young Hijiki Seaweed


Dried Young Hijiki Seaweed