Tosakanori Shiraae Tofu


With a little addition, the "Tosakanori", which is a vivid and eye -catching dish, is also a good accent with a crunchy texture!


Ingredients (for 2-3 people):

  • Tosakanori (before salt drain/before watering) 30g/9g
  • Cotton tofu (lightly drained with kitchen paper) 175g
  • Broccoli (chopped chopped) about 20g
  • Ginseng (coarse chopped) about 20g
  • Mayonnaise 10g
  • Oyster sauce 10g
  • Lemon juice about 1 teaspoon

How to:

  1. Salted Tosakanori seaweed should be rinsed twice with water to remove salt. After that, soaked in water for about 3 minutes to remove the excess salt.

  2. For Dried Tosakanori seaweed, soak it in water for 4 minutes to rehydrate.

  3. ※ When soaking in saltwater, make sure to thoroughly rinse off any debris or foreign objects that may have gotten inside. If there are any discolored parts, it's best to remove them.
  4. If the broccoli and carrots are cut into pieces that are easy to boil, boil them to the extent that the chewy texture remains (can be heated in a range).
  5. Put the ingredients other than 2 and all seasonings in the bowl, and mix while breaking the tofu. Finally, add 2 and mix quickly and complete it in a bowl!
  6. * If you leave the sauce and sauce, the feeling of crispness will disappear a little, so if you want to leave it, adjust it before you eat it.

When I added "Tosakanori" in the color of the white, the seasoning was as usual and very compatible. The crunchy texture is characteristic and the color is very beautiful. The taste that is not too claimed is easy to match with any of the hottest foods. A versatile seaweed that you want to add to various dishes!

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Tosakanori Seaweed


Dried Tosakanori Seaweed