Highly fragrant and exquisite! Luxury is a chicken salt ramen


Even instant soup ◎ Easy with chicken breast

If you make a delicious soup, plenty of "Habanori"



  • Habanori that is dried as it is: your favorite amount
  • Chinese noodles (thin noodles) 2 balls
  • Chicken with skin 350g to 400g
  • One blue part of the green onion
  • Three ginger
  • Gray hair onion 20g
  • Salt 12g
  • 1200㏄ water
  • Sesame oil (OK without it)


How to:

  1. Remove the skin of chicken breast and leave it separately. Defeat the chunk meat and cut the kitchen knife so that the cut surface is wide (about 5 equal if 400g)
  2. Water, salt, green onion blue part (washed well mud, etc.) Ginger slices with skin, cover and boil once.
  3. Sprinkle with salt (outside the quantity) on the front and back of the cut chicken breast. When the hot water is boiling, turn off the heat, add chicken breasts (also removed skin) and cover.
  4. Leave the heat for 20 minutes and cook the chicken breast.
    Boil plenty of hot water in another pot and prepare to boil the noodles.
  5. Check that the center of the chicken is on the center of the chicken, and then take out all green onions, ginger, skin, and meat.
    Taste the soup and prepare the taste as you like
  6. While boiling the noodles, cut the chicken breast into a size that is easy to eat, and the soup is boiled again and heated. White hair green onion is exposed to ice water ◎
  7. Serve thin noodles, hot soup, chicken breast, and gray onions in the bowl, and plenty of the roasted habanori! Sesame oil as you like ~
  8. * Habanori will be beautifully green when broiled lightly.
    (About 20 seconds with a 200 degree toaster. Sky in a frying panRoastedBut OK)

It is easy and recommended because you can make a soup on the chicken breast that becomes a ramen ingredient. The meat is moist in about 20 minutes, and it goes well with Havanori! If you have oil, you can make a ramen -like soup, so be sure to use it as dashi without throwing away the chicken skin.

To buy HavanoriHere

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Habanori


Dried Habanori