Mozuku Kimchi


Just mix the fluffy fluffy kimchi on the commercial kimchi!

Mozuku's feeling is excellent with kimchi.



  • Enjoy the stickiness as much as you like
  • 1 commercially available kimchi


How to:

  1. Insert the kimchi on the market to enjoy the chicken. Completed in no time!
  2. It is delicious immediately after mixing, and if you pickle it, the kimchi flavor is soaked.
    It is also delicious.

"Mizuku to enjoy the Nebari" can be enjoyed by combining with warm dishes to enjoy it again in the ingredients. There is no need to wash or prepare for the troublesome. Excellent items that can be added to the dish immediately after taking out from the refrigerator ◎

Here are the items used in the recipe

Mozuku Seaweed (Domestic Shipping Only)


Mozuku Seaweed (Domestic Shipping Only)