Easy to mix! Frit of squirrel blue glue


More easier than tempura! Mix carbonated water and water to make clothes, and make it beautiful to mix the seaweed spinning blue.



  • Suji Ao NoriFavorite amount
  • Carbonated water (cool) 100㏄
  • About 100g flour
  • Your favorite ingredients (shrimp, carrots, eggplant, pod potatoes, etc. are OK)
  • If you like salt finish

How to:

  1. In this recipe, the siebegitable "dried streaked streaks" is used.
  2. Put the flour in a bowl and add carbonated water little by little. The concentration of a hot cake mix is ​​a guide.
  3. If you have a lot of water, you can add powder again later. Put 1 in 2 with hand and mix well again
  4. After passing through your favorite ingredients to 3, fry it with heated oil at around 170 ° C to 180 ° C. Check if raw vegetables are cooked
  5. The streaks are also salty, but if they are unsatisfactory, sprinkle with salt lightly or put them on a plate.
  6. * The squirrels have a characteristic that are vulnerable to heat, and the scent is slightly lower than eaten as it is, so if you want to enjoy plenty of fragrance, sprinkle it at the end.


Note that if your clothes are too loose, you will lose your feeling when it gets cold. It is a little difficult to adjust the concentration, but when the foam is lifted and hangs down, the clothes fall in a bowl slowly. Ideally the feeling that the line can be drawn a little and it disappears slowly

I want the general home to know and eat "Sugi Blue Nori"! With that in mind, we devised a recipe that can be easily done at home. Just add it to your clothes for a very beautiful frit! When I fried the remaining radish skin together, the flavor was very delicious!

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Suji-Aonori


Dried Suji-Aonori