Suji-Aonori and Crab Stick Omelette Rice Balls


[Suji-Aonori x Rice ball] Rice balls using plenty of Suji-Aonori and Crab stick! Wrap it with fried egg like an mini hand size Omelette.



  • Dried Suji-Aonori , as much as you like
  • 1 egg (2 small ones work well)
  • Crab sticks (cut into 6 pieces), about 5 sticks (around 40g)
  • About 1/3 teaspoon of sugar
  • Some salad oil
  • 2 bowls of cooked white rice (about 240g)
  • A pinch of salt
  • White sesame seeds, to taste

How to make:

  1. Beat the egg with sugar until well mixed. Heat a Teflon-coated frying pan (26cm diameter) over medium heat.
  2. Lightly oil the pan and spread it evenly. Pour the egg mixture into the pan. Swirl the pan immediately to spread the mixture thinly and evenly.
  3. As you continue swirling the pan, the egg mixture will gradually set and become less runny. Turn off the heat and cover for about 2 and a half minutes.
  4. Remove the lid. If the surface is firm and not sticky to the touch, it's done! Cut it in half. (*If your pan is small, cook in two batches.)
  5. Put the rice into a large bowl or container and let it cool slightly. Add the Suji-Aonori and crab sticks, and mix gently. Add white sesame seeds if desired.
  6. Wet your hands slightly and sprinkle a pinch of salt. Form one portion of rice into a rice ball using about one bowl's worth of rice. Pack it tightly with a filling of two crab sticks so it's firm.
  7. Place a half-moon-shaped omelette on top of each rice ball and wrap it around. Trim any excess omelette if it's too large.
  8. Tip: The omelette tends to peel off easily, so wrapping it in plastic wrap makes it easier to eat.

This dish is inspired by the image of crab eggs. When you don't have time to make it, rice balls with side dishes are easy to prepare. Children love them, and with the addition of seaweed, they're both nutritious and colorful. These rice balls have a wonderful aroma and are easy to make, so they come highly recommended.

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Suji-Aonori


Dried Suji-Aonori