Pinter blue glue and crab -fried egg rice ball


[Blue Nori x Kanikama egg]
Blue rice rice balls using plenty of dried streaks. Luxury feeling!



  • Sure Aonori As much as you like
  • One egg (good if you have 2 small)
  • Kanikama (about 6 equal pieces) 5 bottles (about 40g)
  • About 1/3 teaspoon of sugar
  • Salad oil appropriate amount
  • 2 cups of white rice bowl (about 240g)
  • Salt pilgrimage
  • If you like white sesame

How to:

  1. This recipe uses a seaweed "dried streaked streak". Before mixing, loosen it by hand.
  2. [Bake thinly baked eggs] Roast the eggs with chopsticks and mix the sugar. Warm Teflon -processed frying pan (26cm large) over medium heat
  3. After laying a small amount of salad oil and spread over the whole, pour the egg solution. While turning the frying pan immediately, spread it thinly so that the whole is uniform
  4. If the egg solution is moved like turning the frying pan, the stiff movement gradually becomes slower. Immediately turn off the fire, cover and leave for about 2 and a half minutes
  5. If you take a lid and touch it with your finger, it is OK if the surface is on the surface! Cut in half * If the frying pan is smaller, bake it in 2 times.
  6. Put rice in a large bowl or vessel to remove light heat. Put the loosened 1 and the crab mama and mix it softly. White sesame as you like
  7. After adding a single pinch salt to the wet palm, first use a rice ball for one bowl. Close to two crabs so that the crab mama is evenly entered
  8. Place 5 half -moon -shaped eggs, place rice balls one by one and wrap them. If the eggs are too large, cut the parts that have come out with scissors moderately
  9. ☆Thin -baked eggs are easy to peel off, so it is easy to eat when wrapped in wraps.

A dish that was inspired by the image of a crab ball. However, when you don't have time to make it, you can eat side dishes and rice balls that you can eat together. If the kids also have a tin blue glue in the ingredients they like, the nutrition will be firmly removed and the color will be beautiful! Recommended because the rice balls with a very good scent are easy to finish


Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Suji-Aonori


Dried Suji-Aonori