[Late baby food] Sugi Blue Ragijaga potato oyaki


For the late baby food for hand -made rice and a snack for children,
Mix the squirrels and have plenty of nutrition!


Ingredients (for about 3 to 4cm in diameter for 14 pieces):

  • Suji Ao NoriFavorite amount
  • Potato (boiled and crushed) 140g
  • Pumpkin (same potatoes) 90g
  • All eggs 20g
  • Skill powder 30g
  • Salad oil appropriate amount

How to:

  1. Cool the potatoes and pumpkin, then mix all ingredients except salad oil (depending on the age of the child, you may add salt).
  2. Apply oil to your hand, divide it into 14 equal parts and make it a flat circle.
  3. Bake over low heat until the color is browned (because the powder comes in so I want to put the heat inside. Bake slowly for 5 minutes on one side)
  4. If it cools, be sure to eat it by hand ~

By using the seaweed "Suji Aonori" for the usual oyster, the color is better and the nutrition is added. Easy recipe because it does not burn if you bake slowly over low heat. In the case of egg allergies, you do not need to enter. Adjust it by putting the flour that can be rolled and cannot be obtained ~

For a child who will be happy to eat it when putting a blue glue in the porridge, he devised a recipe because he wanted to make a hand -eaten oyaki. Recommended because it is gentle on the stomach and easy to eat. ! It is convenient for carrying it, so when you eat it outside. In addition to pumpkin and potato potatoes, sweet potatoes are OK

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Suji-Aonori


Dried Suji-Aonori