Easy with the ingredients! Wakojiki fried rice


Just cut the ingredients and fry lightly at the end. The nutrition of young hijiki is also ◎
Fry the eggs and rice quickly and make it easy to make delicious fried rice!


Material (for 2 people):

  •  Wakagi Hijiki Ahei (before salt removal / before watering) 50g / 5g
  • Seasoned vegetable30g
  • Pickled in Takana30g
  • Sesame oil2 tablespoons
  • gingerAbout 1/2 teaspoon
  • Long green onion1 tablespoon (about the length of the middle finger)
  • egg2-3
  • saltOne pinch
  • soy sauce1/2 teaspoon
  • White rice300-320g



How to:

  1. The seaweed is washed away in water after rinning the surrounding salt with water for about 3 to 5 minutes to adjust it to your favorite salty taste.
  2. For dried products, return to water for 6 minutes.
  3. [Preparation] Squeeze and pickle pickles are lightly chopped into easy -to -eat sizes. Ginger and green onions are chopped. Mix the eggs so that they are cut
  4. In a frying pan or a Chinese pot, heat the green onion for less than 1 minute over high heat. Before burning, add the eggs at once and mix lightly with a wooden spatula.
  5. Add warm white rice as the raw eggs are still there. * While cutting the eggs with a wooden spatula, mix well throughout the white rice.
  6. Sprinkle the pan, fry over high heat, and when the eggs are firmly heated and turned, add squeezed vegetables and pickled Takana. Fry for about 1 minute and mix
  7. Turn the soy sauce and fry it again. (You can change soy sauce to salt, but we recommend the fragrance that the soy sauce is a little burnt).
  8. Turn off the heat and add a well -drained young hijiki. Mix the whole and see the taste. If you don't have enough salt, adjust with salt and soy sauce.
  9. Once served, it is also recommended to decorate onions and all -purpose green onions.


A recipe that does not require seasoning because there is a good salt in young hijiki, squeezed vegetables, and pickled Takana.
Since all of them are processed products that last, even if you purchase for this recipe for the first time, it is an item that has various uses.

Fried rice with seaweed, which is recommended for 〆 after drinking!

Here are the items used in the recipe

Dried Young Hijiki Seaweed


Dried Young Hijiki Seaweed