Prepare the intestinal environment and refresh your stomach!

7 -day seaweed recipe

Seaweeds are rich in "dietary fiber" and "minerals", which are said to have the intestine, and the more you eat, the more attractive foods that can be cleaned from your body.

Would you like to add one seaweed dish to add a seaweed dish or replace the whole meal with seaweed dishes to refresh your overeating tummy during the year -end and New Year holidays?

In addition, seaweed is not only returned with water and eat it as it is, but it can also be added to warm soups and stews like herbs and spices, and as a hot pot ingredient.


Then from here
We will carefully select and deliver the recommended recipes that you want to enjoy this winter.

Nako (public relations)

Interesting in global warming and knowing the potential as a seaweed ingredient with low environmental load. In the second year of college, he was involved in siebigitable as an internship, and was in charge of public relations video distribution and English translation for overseas. My favorite seaweed is squirrels and tusakanori.

Shio (Design / Tokyo Lab Leader)

He became a launch member of the Tokyo Lab, who conducts research on seaweed and seed seedlings, and has been involved in the operation of the lab. Originally, he was a designer of character goods, so he also worked on a seaweed product packaging illustration and a POP at the time of the event. I can't forget the excitement when I ate the seaweed blue seaweed for the first time.

Bucho (Kochi area manager)

He met Siebegitable at the immigration destination and was involved in the production management of blue chromosy on the occasion of U -turn to Kochi. As a manager in the Kochi area, he is focusing on adjusting shipments and improving quality. I like the streaks that are involved in production.

[Seaweed recipe] Day 1

Potato salad of Suji Aonori

Use seaweed:The streak Ao Nori that is dried as it is

Staff to introduce: Bucho

Just apply "Sujiro Blue Sori" to the classic potato salad with home cooking and side dishes to make it a higher -grade taste. The rich fragrance unique to "Sujiro Blue Nori" is appetizing. The compatibility with the cheese is also excellent, so it is recommended to arrange it with a parmesan cheese and make it in a snack style.

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[Seaweed recipe] Day 2

Mabo tofu of seaweed mirin

Use seaweed:Dried mirin

Staff comment: Shio

No way, seaweed fits Chinese food! ! It's an unexpected combination, but "Milin" goes well with any dish. The mabo tofu bean paste is entangled with the good texture of the throat of "Milin", and the chopsticks go steadily. Since seaweed contains thick ingredients, it is easy to do not need potato starch.

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[Seaweed recipe] Day 3

Habanori Kema Curry

Use seaweed:Habanori dried as it is

Staff comment: Nakko

It smells like herbs and goes well with curry! Because it has a unique flavor, you can eat healthy curry that you have never tasted before.
If you get tired of your usual curry, put a habanori and change the taste. Because it is dry, you can enjoy the crispy texture and the spicy curry immediately after sprinkling. When the steam is warm, the scent of seaweed spreads over the mouth the moment you eat it. I want to eat something with guts lipinar, but I want to be careful about my health ... It is a babic curry that will come true!

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[Seaweed recipe] Day 4

Hijiki Udon

Use seaweed:Dry young hijiki

Staff comment: Nako

Wakamewaki udon replaced with wakame with hijiki!
"Wakahijiki" has a different crunchy feeling when chewing with the hijiki, which is generally distributed, so the texture is very fresh and delicious. There are various ways to eat the texture by gently attached to the udon with a wakame or wooden ear, adding a lot of noodles and stirring it. If you eat it with a little shorter salt, the presence of hijiki will increase, so I personally like to make salt removed in a short time. Your happiness improves.

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[Seaweed recipe] Day 5

Blue Nori Sprinkle Rice

Use seaweed:Blue Nori sprinkle made by the blue glue

Staff comment: Bucho

As soon as it is included in the mouth, the fragrant scent of bonito spreads, and the scent of the beach of "Sugi Blue Sori" chases, and the chopsticks do not stop. Salt is modest and full of umami, so you can get any number of cups. It is an authentic sprinkle that you can enjoy the original flavor of the ingredients and never get tired.

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[Seaweed recipe] Day 6

Kanikama and seaweed radish salad

Use seaweed:Dry young hijikiDrying and Sakanori

Staff comment: Shio

Delicious and nutritious by putting seaweed with a different texture in radish and crab -kama salad! In this recipe, we use "Wakagi" and "Tosakanori", but even if you arrange them with other seaweed ◎.
Because it can be eaten refreshingly, it is also recommended as a side dish for cottery dishes.

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[Seaweed recipe] Day 7

Kimchi Kimchi

Use seaweed:Enjoy the snake

Staff comment: Shio

Kimchi alone is delicious, but the feeling of "Mozuku" is combined and it is even more exquisite! Not only is it delicious, but also the simplicity of mixing two ingredients is also high. Fermented food x mozuku dietary fiber, it looks good for intestinal activity.

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Eat seaweed in the cold winter and get hungry!

Among the seaweed used in the recipes introduced this time, Mozuku, which has a smooth texture, may have the image of eating in summer. However, Mozuku's slimming ingredients are rich in the water -soluble dietary fiber "Fucodine", which is said to have the function of improving the intestinal environment. That's why it is recommended for the year -end and New Year holidays, and in winter when waste is likely to accumulate on the body!

Actually, a member with a siebigitable told me, "I overeated and gained weight ...", but it seems that Mozuku chose to return the body without difficulty. After a while, the menu centered on the "Mizuku to enjoy Nebari", he told me that the body line was refreshing!

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